Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

Jamie) And we’re back! Let’s see what Kyle and Duane Toews are up to on Plain Talk!
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with, it’s blue shirt day. (Duane Toews) It is. (Kyle) Duane Toews. (Duane) I found mine and I’m glad you kind of found yours. (Kyle) What do you mean? You don’t like my shirt? (Duane) I did not say I didn’t like it. It just doesn’t look blue to me. (Kyle) You gave me the look. (Duane) You notice I’m wearing my glasses. I don’t know if anybody is going to make fun of me. (Kyle) Well maybe mine is. You’re not going to call it something like a turquoise or something like — you know the other day I had a purple shirt on the guy said it was lavender and it’s like, We’re going to pull your man card if you use the word lavender again. (Duane) Okay. I’m not going to comment on your shirt although it looks a bit – (Kyle) Bluish greenish? (Duane) Seafoam. (Kyle) Seafoam. There you go. (Duane) Seafoam green. Your Fact or Fiction Question of the Day, Kyle Bauer: Dolphins, apes and parrots, like dogs, can learn voice commands, Fact or Fiction? (Kyle) Dolphins, apes and dogs? (Duane) Parrots. (Kyle) Parrots, not dogs? (Duane) And dogs, like dogs, can learn voice commands. (Kyle) Okay. Voice commands but not to say words? Because dogs can’t say words. Sure absolutely, no they go with voice commands. (Duane) That’s what it says. In fact, there was a — it says a border collie named Chaser learned more than 1,000 words or commands. (Kyle) They meant actually saying the word? (Duane) No. (Kyle) No, voice commands. (Duane) They could learn what it means. (Kyle) 1,000? How can you even think about 1,000 things to teach him? (Duane) Ask a dog to do, sit. (Kyle) Exactly. (Duane) I’m lucky if I get mine to sit and stay. (Kyle) I’m lucky if I get you to do three or four things a day, let alone 1,000. (Duane) Well, it is what it is. (Kyle) Let’s talk about military spending, Dwayne Toews. (Duane) It takes up a big part of our US budget. (Kyle) It does. A large part of our military budget — of our national budget is and I honestly don’t have that as a percentage but it’s 571 billion, I’m sorry, that’s in 2014. (Duane) All right, a couple of years ago, which is about the newest the government can get us. (Kyle) That’s it. It appears that the government can tell us month-to-month what this figure and that figure is but they can’t tell us how much the actual spending is until like two or three or four years. Until at least one term back. (Duane) Yes. It’s like the other guy’s fault. (Kyle) Well, number two in military spending in the world is a $129 billion. $571, $129, so almost four times, three and a half times as much. (Duane) That’s a significant difference. (Kyle) It is, it is. (Duane) Why would that be? (Kyle) Because we got a lot of people we don’t like out there, I guess. I don’t know why. (Duane) Why does it cost so much? (Kyle) I don’t know but here’s the biggie, but as a percent of our GDP, Gross Domestic Product, we’re 3.50%. China who is number two is 2.1%. Again, we’re still – (Duane) We’re still overspending on a percentage. (Kyle) Yes, but compared to Saudi Arabia, they are spending 10% of their entire GDP – (Duane) The Saudi government, Saudi country. (Kyle) Well, not just the government, the total country. (Duane) The country’s GDP? (Kyle) Yes. They’re spending 10% of it on national defense. Which surprises me considering Israel spends 5%, because Israel is surrounded by everybody who hates their guts. (Duane) Yes. They have a tough run. (Kyle) Yes. Now I would guess the Israeli economy might be bigger than Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia really only has oil. (Duane) That’s pretty much it. (Kyle) But they’ve got a lot of it. I don’t know how their population compares either, but GDP is a good way to measure as compared to everything else.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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