Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

(Jamie) Welcome back. Now let’s see what Kyle and Duane Toews are up to on Plain Talk.
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with the complaining Duane Toews. (Duane Toews) I’m not complaining. (Kyle) You complain that I talk too many facts and figures. I’m too much of a numbers person. That I’m a — (Duane) You are a numbers person! Something a little more fun for your Fact or Fiction. Being a school mascot can be kind of a cutthroat a situation trying to become selected. (Kyle) Cutthroat? What do you mean by cutthroat? (Duane) We’ll, it’s dangerous. (Kyle) In the selection process. (Duane In the selection process — (Kyle) I think it’s somewhat dangerous as a mascot, you sometimes if you’re in the wrong crowd — (Duane) The other team? (Kyle) The other team could be a little mean to you. (Duane) Take advantage of you? (Kyle Bauer) Yes. (Duane) There’s one school where at some point you may be shot at or set on fire. (Kyle) That is the Fact or Fiction? (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) Shot at — Well, okay. Number one, we got some mean schools out there and hazing was in vogue until recently. I’ll go with — (Duane) [Laughs] That was much more endearing. (Kyle) It just said shot at, didn’t say shot, so I’ll go with true. (Duane) That’s true. (Kyle) See if you could duck and weave. (Duane) I guess. Stanford University, home of the tree. (Kyle) Is their mascot a tree? I saw in the center of the field when K-State played and there was a tree out there. (Duane) It’s the Stanford Cardinal, was there a Mascot to leave as a tree. There’s still some debate as to whether the college actually recognizes either one of those — (Kyle) Well, the tree’s out in the middle of the field. (Duane) Is it? (Kyle) Yes. I remember the same day. (Duane) I remember that when the college accepted it at some point. (Kyle) I thought I guess you already decorated for Christmas. (Duane) [Laughs] Right there. (Kyle) It was all red with that tree out there. (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) Okay. I know you don’t want to talk about numbers but I’m going to anyway. (Duane) Great. (Kyle) Because it’s partly my show and I’ve got all the show prep. (Duane) You’ve done all the work. (Kyle) Yes. [Laughs] (Kyle) Let’s talk GDP. Gross Domestic Product for the state of Kansas. (Duane) Kansas? Things are bad. (Kyle) Yes, that’s what they tell us. (Duane) It’s all I hear, just how bad things are. (Kyle) That’s what they tell us, yes. But more or less in 2016, it’s around a $155 billion. Now, by the way, that’s Gross Domestic Product. We don’t really care how much of that the government gets. (Duane) That’s all — Well, it would be nice. [Laughs] (Kyle) No that’s what you hear all the time is that the government doesn’t have enough. (Duane) Right. (Kyle) But it’s really about — (Duane) Economic activity. (Kyle) Right. This is about economic activity for $155. (Duane) Thanks for going on. (Kyle) Now by the way, since 2014, we’ve had two major industries if not three that have had hard times. Agriculture and oil and gas. (Duane) Absolutely. (Kyle) And I’ll say that it hasn’t exactly been a boom time for making airplanes. (Duane) No. (Kyle) My point is yet Gross Domestic Product seems to go up. (Duane) Continue to rise? (Kyle) Yes, kind of go up. Now, between 2014 and 2009, she was a little stagnant but a lot of the country is — (Duane) Literally a lot of people, stagnant would have been good. (Kyle) Right. Exactly right. So my point is, in year 2000 the GDP of Kansas was $82 billion. (Duane) Okay. (Kyle) Okay, just remember 82. (Duane) 82 in 2000. (Kyle) Okay. In 2018, it’s projected to be 168 billion. (Duane) That’s double. (Kyle) That’s double. Exactly. (Duane) In 16 years. (Kyle) In 16 years. (Duane) Or 18 years, 2018, 18 years. (Kyle) True right. Double. And inflation during that time has been a lackluster 2 -3%. (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) 18 years times 3% would be 54% increase, except we’re going to double at 100%. We’re beating inflation by double. (Duane) How do they average then? (Kyle) Yes. I guess really are things all that bad?
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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