Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

(Jamie) Welcome back. Now let’s see what Kyle and Duane Toews are up to on Plain Talk.
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with Duane Toews. (Duane Toews) Kyle Bauer, your Fact or Fiction question today, it’ll be interesting to see your response, 1 in 12 Americans alphabetize their spice rack. Fact or Fiction? (Kyle) All right. I’m fairly limited in my exposure to someone’s spice rack. I don’t walk into their kitchen and look up their spice rack. (Duane) You’d look in your own. (Kyle) In my own, which isn’t mine, I have one spice in my kitchen. (Duane) Pepper, salt. (Kyle) [Laugh] Good point, I have three. I’ve got salt, pepper, and I’ve got Duck Salt. I give a shout out to Duck Salt. All right. But my wife, she has every one you can think of. (Duane) She’s got a lot of other ones. (Kyle) There is no rhyme or reason to those at all. I can’t imagine 1 in 12 people even knowing what they have for spices. I’ll go with Fiction. (Duane) It says it’s True. (Kyle) What do you think? Have you ever been around one that was? Your mother? Your wife? (Duane) Actually, no, neither one in my family. (Kyle) Your mother-in-law? (Duane) I do know someone whose is, but that’s, I know a lot more than 12 people but — (Kyle) You don’t know that the others aren’t closet alphabetizers. (Duane) I haven’t looked in their spice rack closet. (Kyle) Okay, everybody right now, if you alphabetize your spice, raise your hand. (Duane) Raise your hand. (Kyle) See, my wife’s is not on a rack it’s on a Lazy Susan in the corner. If it was on a rack it would go all the way around the kitchen. And so I see these ones– (Duane) So she’s got multiple rows in circles? (Kyle) Right, and I see these ones where there are eight on the wall. I always figured those were for decoration. (Duane) I wonder. (Kyle) Would you really, they go out of date. You know there’s expiration dates on spices? (Duane) I’ve heard that. If you still have the McCormick — is it the can? (Kyle) Of what? (Duane) McCormick is a brand of spice. (Kyle) Yes, but of what spice? If you have a can of McCormick anything– (Duane) If you have a can period. (Kyle) They haven’t used those for a while? (Duane) Yes. I think that’s it. Other than pepper still comes in a can. (Kyle) I was going to say pepper is in a can. (Duane) That might not be right. There was something that a lot of people had that I was it at some event. (Kyle) Do you use much pepper? (Duane) Not a lot. (Kyle) You know pepper, it loses its pepperish. (Duane) It goes flat? (Kyle) I would bet you we use more than a can a year. (Duane) We probably use about a can a year I suppose. (Kyle) I don’t know why we use so much. It’s not like we’re spicy people. Notice the accent? (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) Spicy people. (Duane) Yes, noticed it. What country does pepper come from? (Kyle) Do you know? (Duane) I have no idea. (Kyle) I don’t know either. (Duane) Well, it was your Italian accent. I was trying — (Kyle) Well that’s the only accent that came up. (Duane) I was trying to decide — (Kyle) Actually my Italian accent and my Swedish accent are very similar. (Duane) Peppercorn. It could be Italian. (Kyle) Sure, let’s go with that. (Duane) They got pepperoni. (Kyle) But you know what? I’m not going to waste good material on the last 30 seconds so we’re not going to do that. Let’s sing a little song. (Duane) Going to float out the end of this. Well, how about this one? (Kyle) Go ahead. (Duane) The reason I ask is because there are people, what’s that definition of people that have to have things– (Kyle) OCD? (Duane) OCD. Now, I could see someone with OCD absolutely having to have their spice rack in order by alphabet. (Kyle) But wouldn’t that same OCD person have to make sure that the expiration dates weren’t out on their spice as well? (Duane) I’m sure they would. But it would be easy to do when you’ve got them all in order. (Kyle) Just think about per pound, how much spices are per pound. That’ll make you scratch your head.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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