Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with Duane Toews. You’ve seen these little packets of laundry detergent have the multi-colors in ‘em, and do you use them at home? (Duane Toews) I do. (Kyle) We use them in the dishwasher. We don’t use ‘em in the – (Duane) – Clothes washer. (Kyle) – In the clothes washer. (Duane) Why? (Kyle) I don’t know. That is what my wife buys. I don’t know. I’m not in charge of that. (Duane) I’m in charge of laundry in the house, and it’s very convenient for me. (Kyle) Yes. That’s what in the dishwasher it’s super convenient too. Not very messy, just throw ‘em in there. It’s great. But did you know they were a major poisoning issue for children? (Duane) I didn’t know about children, I’ve heard pets. (Kyle) Well, because they’re multi-color they kind a look like candy. As a parent, you’re a little more attuned to these things. As a grandparent you’re a lot less attuned to these things. 17,000 kids a year — six and younger are poisoned by those packets. (Duane) Okay, now by poisoned — they don’t die. (Kyle) Okay, you want the gruesome facts. (Duane) I want the truth. (Kyle) Okay 769 were hospitalized. One child died. 12 suffered seizures. 30 were put into comas. But yes, of the 17,000 there was less than a thousand that were hospitalized. (Duane) Off those that were hospitalized only 31 were really – (Kyle) So you’re saying that’s an acceptable level of loss. (Duane) There are lots of kids out there and a lot of those little packets. (Kyle) Okay, [laughs]. Well – [Cross talk] (Duane) I’m just saying there are more than 31 kids that are hospitalized for things other than that. I mean – (Kyle) Well you got a great point. Because I thought — okay in full disclosure, I was one of those kids who my mother fed me soap from time-to-time, when I’d speak badly — say the incorrect words. (Duane) Say incorrect at the time? (Kyle) Yes. (Duane) Or eating time? (Kyle) Yes. My mouth was washed out with soap. It was acceptable level of child abuse in those days. I don’t ever remember, me or any of my friends, having to go to the hospital because we had to bite down on the Lava bar. I don’t know what the difference is? Is it that some of that multi-covered stuff is more poisonous? Part of it could be you just bite down on it and it get in your eye — you squirt soap in your eye. (Duane) Yes, I don’t think that’s probably the thing. I think it’s in the mouth. Its super concentrated. (Kyle) Yes it is. (Duane) I mean you think about that, it’s – (Kyle) Yes. I mean as compared to putting half-a-cup of soap in there, you throw in that little bitty packets. (Duane) And you’ve got the — not only is that the soap, but it’s the fabric softener and a stain remover. (Kyle) Okay. So little bit of bleach — stain remover. (Duane) Must be the color safe bleach that’s in there. (Kyle) Well, as a grandparent I’m just saying I want to warn all the other grandparents out there that your house may not be as safe as you think. In fact in the article they say, Don’t even just put ‘em up high, put ‘em up high with a latch on it, because they look so much like candy that some kids will get a chair, get over there and try to get the candy out of cabinet. I’m seeing you going, Well that kid gets what he deserves. (Duane) Well I’m thinking whose keeping candy in the laundry room. Most kids can’t get in their laundry – (Kyle) I just said it was in our kitchen; we use it for dishwashing detergent. (Duane) Okay. I don’t have a dishwasher. (Kyle) Yes, you do. (Duane) Two hands, does it every time.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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