Quality Cattle in Niche for Chappell Feedyard

(Jena McRell) Chappell Feedlot has expanded from 2,500 to 7,500 head since current owners bought the yard in 1992. (Williams) This is probably as large as we want to get. We like to be small enough to provide individual attention, both with data and by helping ranchers in their decision-making. We also have some investor customers and buy a few cattle of our own, so we have a nice mix but our focus is on retained ownership. (Jena) Williams sees quality cattle as their niche. They start with good ones and then try to market them to enhance their value. (Williams) After a while our feedyard has developed a reputation for getting data for people and the way we market with ultrasound, sort and gridding pays well and people can rely on getting their data, which is why a lot of people are here, to get carcass data. (Jena) His customers can use that information to help make improvements each year. (Williams) My reward is just seeing the cattle perform and market well. When we get the checks back on our grid programs and they come back doing what they are supposed to do, and we have done our job, the producer ends up making a lot more money than just selling on the live market. (Jena) The beef market is adding pressure to provide a consistent, desirable product, the feeder says. (Williams) With high priced beef now, and other proteins cheaper than beef, we have a challenge. But on the flip side, we are making higher quality beef. I know our CAB rates have gone up over the years and it’s in demand. (Jena) The proof? Even though the beef community is producing more Certified Angus Beef brand and Choice than ever, the price spread between it and lower grade Select beef remains wide. I’m Jena McRell.

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