Raising Quality Cattle

(Bob Cervera) GeneMax test scores go into a spreadsheet that Colorado rancher Braden Schaal relies on for picking replacement heifers, though he admits his computer does most of the sorting. (Braden Schaal) I will refine it with a one final visual test, but I will not keep something below what I want. If GeneMax tells me what it is, I’m invested far enough financially that I’m going to believe what GeneMax has to tell me. (Bob) After beginning a timed breeding program with 100 heifers five years ago, Schaal plans to AI more than 1,000 head this year, all in pursuit of rapid genetic improvement. (Schaal) If there’s a heifer that has a lower percentage of milk I can go capture that by pairing her up with a sire that will complement the milk. Or if there is something that has a little less tenderness, I can complement that with the sire. GeneMax tells me the weaknesses of my cattle, and AI tells me how I can complement or improve those weaknesses of my cattle. (Bob) Raising quality cattle isn’t just a numbers game for this herd, where 60% of a recent pen of steers qualified for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. (Schaal) My deal is, I want to do a better job with what I have and consumers need to know that I’m going to treat and feed and take care of my cattle as good or better than anybody, anyone else out there, and I will. And so consumers are very, that’s why we’re in this business, consumers are everything to me and I want to make sure we’re doing a good job for them, too. (Bob) I’m Bob Cervera.

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