Raylon Phelon

(Raylon) Good morning my name is Raylon Phelon, I’m a farmer from Melvern, Kansas. I’m the President of the Kansas Soybean Association and this morning we’re at the Wake Up to Kansas Legislative Breakfast and we’ve got a whole bunch of representatives, Senators, House of Representatives, staff that are here this morning, having breakfast with us. It’s just a great event. We’ve been doing it for about 21 years now. We do this in cooperation with the other commodity groups. Naturally Kansas Soybean, who I am with and then we’ve got Kansas Corn, Kansas Grain Sorghum and Kansas Wheat that are also here today. And it’s just a great event. It’s a great time that we can get a chance to sit down and talk with, not only our representatives from our own districts, but representatives across the state and let them know what some of the issues are that are important to us. One of the nice things about having the breakfast is we can just sit down and talk with our representatives. Just a one on one. We may not touch so much on some of the issues, but in some cases we do. It’s just really amazing of all the representatives that I’ve visited with this morning, which I probably talked with oh 12-15 of ’em just about, I noticed somebody across the state and who they represent. I’ve got a daughter that lives at Clay Center. I’ve got another daughter at Yates Center and I got to talk to those representatives from both those districts. Garden City, Great Bend area, it’s just a great time to sit down and visit with them a little bit, and let them know what’s important, but also gives us a chance just to get to know each other. One of the things with the representatives, one of the issues for Kansas Soybeans this year is one just to keep the right to farm in Kansas. There’s a lot of outside influences that are coming into our state that maybe aren’t so farmer friendly. So, we want to make sure that our representatives keep Kansas farmers in their foresight and let them know that what’s on our plate and important to us. Water rights is one of the things, which it’s been on a national level. We’d like to get it back to a state level, so that we can maintain our water rights and take care of our business concerning waters, irrigation and all the things associated with water.

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