Rebecca Scheck

(Kelly) Chemistry and physics aren’t easy subjects to tackle, especially as teenagers. I remember zoning out entire physics classes my junior year in high school. Scheck is a physics and chemistry teacher at Hoxie Community Schools in Hoxie, Kansas. Realizing the struggle many students have in regards to these tough subjects Scheck tries to make all of her lesson plans hands on and relatable to her students, thus making it easier and more fun to learn. Unlike some curriculum that seems to lose student’s attentions, Scheck said the lesson plans she discovered while attending the K-Fact Summer Institute a couple of years ago that focus on agriculture are much more fun for her students. With skills like these in the classroom, some may find it surprising it was not Scheck‚Äôs original goal to become a teacher. After working in the restaurant business for a while, her mother suggested she become a chemistry teacher because she loved her science classes she had taken. To learn more about Rebecca Scheck, from her life growing up on a farm to starting her amazing teaching career, visit the Teacher Feature side bar on our website at Also, be sure to stay tuned to AGam to learn more about these amazing teachers.

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