Results of 2015 KSU Soybean Research

Andy) I’m Andy Winsor. We farm near Grantville, Kansas, just east of Topeka and we farm in the Kansas River Valley and in the hills to the north. This past year in 2015 we participated in a research study that K-State Research conducted that was funded through the United Soybean Board. In this study we compared 15-inch row soybeans and 30-inch row soybeans. The seed rate was kept constant at 160,000 seeds per acre. And that’s a multi-state study where they’ve done in several states. This year it was really wet when we planted and then it rained right afterward. We had a better stand in the 15-inch rows than we did the 30s. Canopy closure and spacing the seeds out within the row a little bit more, helps the plants compete for nutrients and sunlight, as well as just getting the canopy closed earlier. What we saw for results is the 15-inch rows out yielded the 30-inch rows by three to five bushels which is what all the other research is showing on that comparison also.

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