Rewards for High-Performing Cattle Still Available

(Bob) Beef numbers are on the rise in 2016 and so is opportunity for ranchers focused on quality. (Bohn) There’s more and more people across the world that want to increase their diet and have a higher-quality diet than we had in the past, and so beef can play a role in that. Certainly the demand for quality will continue to be there. (Bob) Long-term projections show prices down for the year, but placing healthy cattle on feed that can grade Choice or better offer the most stability, Bohn says. (Bohn) The prices are going to be lower than what we’ve experienced the last couple of years. I think probably we’re going to, in a wide range, I think fed cattle will sell in the 120 to 140 area for most of the year. (Bob) Higher beef supplies, fluctuating U.S. dollar values and consumer concerns over antibiotic use add to the uncertainty, but Bohn says producers can limit the downside. (Bohn) Because of the volatility, monitor and manage our risk better than we have in the past, also, and not be quite so open probably on being unpriced, and hoping that the market will take care of us. (Bob) But if there’s one thing he doesn’t see changing, it’s the reward for healthy calves. (Bohn) Animal health continues to be a challenge, and I think data would show that the death loss in feed yards is going up, not down. (Bob) Producers who have a strong health program on the ranch will always be a step ahead. (Bohn) We will pay more money for calves that we know have good health. There’s nothing worse than having a health wreck after going to the feed yard. (Bob) I’m Bob Cervera.

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