Riley Schofield KW Cattle Company

(Riley) I’m Riley Schofield, I work for KW Cattle Company, which is a registered Angus operation out of Fort Scott, Kansas. I actually am from Colorado and I grew up showing horses and western pleasure and kind of the quarter horse circuit. And when I moved out here it’s just not near as big as rodeos, the working cow horse type stuff or ranching. My husband Austin used to day work a lot, worked out here at the ranch cattle rodeoing and stuff and so that kind of really got me interested in using horses, having a purpose with them as far as the ranch goes. So, I was pretty excited when Nathan Wells, my boss got into the breeding business with the horses. And he’s always had a couple colts, but now it’s nice cause we can see ’em from the time they’re born to the horses that they’re gonna make and kind of have a hand in it. And so, it’s pretty nice to be able to watch ’em develop and how…I feel like when you get ’em from the time they’re babies, you just get a chance to really have their mind right from the beginning. You don’t have a lot of people messing with ’em and doing certain things with ’em. You know you can kind of, to an extent, control the experiences that they have. They’re gonna remember bad experiences. So, the constant good experiences that you give ’em, I think is key. Our ultimate goal is horses that not only perform on the ranch, but are also capable of performing in the arena, whether it’s barrel racing, or working cow horse or any type of thing like that. And we want ’em to be like ‘kid broke’ at the end of the day. And so it really helps having a horse with a good mind that’s capable of all that sort of stuff, but yet will calm down and then you can stick a kid on ’em just like that and they’re pretty…they manage it really well. So, I like to raise ’em in groups like this in a pasture. It seems like when you stall ’em up as yearlings and weanlings and stuff…it fries their minds. They need the open pasture and time to just be a horse. They just…they’ve seen all this stuff out in the pasture, they’ve gone through water, they’ve crossed rivers, crossed over rocks. They’ve done stuff out in the pasture that you don’t necessarily have to teach ’em and just exposing them to that sort of stuff just really helps them in the long run when you go to starting ’em. And it’s time consuming. If you figure you gotta wait two years til you start one, and then three before you really….we like to wait until they’re three before you really start to use ’em every day, all day, so that their tendons and ligaments are all developed. They’re just mentally and physically ready for it. (Brett) Riley is one of the really great, young horsewomen here in the state of Kansas. And we’re looking forward to watching her participate in the KC Ranch Horse Classic, Ranch Horse Contest. It’s held on August 22 in Kansas City, Kansas, just north of the Speedway and Legends shopping area at Willow Springs Ranch. You can find more information about the contest and the sale at The contest is open for anyone to come compete and there’s free admission to come watch and that’s going to start at nine o’clock on that Saturday morning. Following that contest there will be free horsemanship clinics, again open to the public. And then the sale will be at 4PM that afternoon. So, we encourage everyone to come watch Riley and all the other great cowboys and cowgirls compete. We look forward to seeing you on August 22nd.

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