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(Bob) Not enough time and don’t know how. Those are among the top reasons beef consumers don’t roast, according to a joint survey by the Beef Checkoff and the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand. (Brewer) A lot of consumers, in fact one out of four, have never even tried cooking a roast, so we knew they wanted to and if we could arm them with the right resources, they would have success and keep coming back to the retail case to buy more. (Bob) That’s why CAB launched the Roast Perfect app last fall, with hopes of taking back some of the holiday market share from competing proteins. (Brewer) Well at the end of the day, our goal is to make sure that we’ve got consumers that are craving beef, set up for success and wanting to take that home and cook in their kitchens. So this was a great opportunity to meet them where they are at, provide them with tools to make sure that when they are looking for what they are going to serve their families over the holidays that we’ve got those dollars going into the basket supporting beef. (Bob) Roast Perfect includes a roast selection guide, chef-developed and tested recipes, step-by-step video tutorials, a store locator, built-in timer, portion calculator and more. (Brewer) So when we looked at what apps were available and the opportunities, we knew that cooking beef and cooking a roast in particular can be a little scary for consumers, so we knew that if we could do all the leg work behind it and set them up for success, that they would be coming back to purchase more. So we did all the roasts behind the scenes, made sure that we were taking temperatures and put in nice bells and whistles that basically, you select the roast that you want, you put in how much it weighs, it populates and tells you you need to cook it this long and to this degree of doneness and voila – you’ve got the perfect roast! (Bob) In addition to increased web traffic and mainstream media attention, the free app has logged 35,000 downloads. I’m Bob Cervera.

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