Roger Bummel

(Ernie) Hi friends, I’m Ernie Rodina and welcome to this segment of AGam in Kansas, Horsin’ Around. And I’m here with two of my dearest friends. This is a very special segment to me because these guys have been a part of my life, my career, the whole career. And we’ve got Roger Brummel from Brummel Farm Service and Roger welcome to the AGam in Kansas. And Mark Burkdoll. And Mark, I tell you what makes these guys special folks, you guys, Mark you’re one of the biggest cattlemen, farmers in eastern Kansas, but you still have time and Roger you being one of the biggest ag chemical feed dealers you still have time to come up and spend time with these families cooking. You cook…I don’t know how many times a year you cook and you pick out your busy segment and schedule. I just want to take this time to say thanks. And why do you do it? (Roger) Cause you make us do it. (Ernie) That’s a good reason. That’s good. Because you can’t say no. (Mark) Aren’t you paying us? (Ernie) We’re paying ya. Mark, why do you do it? I mean it’s been a lot of fun. (Mark) Well you’ve done so much for me over the years, it’s kind of payback. (Ernie) But how many people, you’ve met so many friends doing this and everything. (Roger) Oh yea. (Mark) We’ve been doing it a long time. Has to be over 20 years. (Ernie) And a lot of folks…we cook burgers tonight. But Mark, you’re kind of a Chef Telle, you do a professional chef and that’s a hobby for ya. (Mark) Yea. (Roger) It is. (Ernie) What is your favorite meal to cook? (Roger) Steak. (Mark) I don’t know. (Ernie) You heard it from Mark. I tell you what, it’s a secret. (Mark) I’ve been doing a wonderful Beef Ragu and working on my beef short ribs and they’re really good. (Ernie) But you meet so many folks out there. And you’ve got an interest in of course cattle, and farming and horses. And Roger, like you said, you are such a leader in the community. We’re talking about Garnett, Kansas, as far as what you do in helping out people. (Roger) Been there a long time, since 1959. (Ernie) What’s on the schedule now, any big menus coming down the road that you’re gonna be cooking for? Mark? (Mark) No, I don’t have anything planned yet. (Ernie) We can get that worked out and get you one, chances are before this week’s over, you’ll have something. But Roger what about you? (Roger) No plans. Got a lot of busy work to do. Got a lot of beans to plant. (Ernie) How the crops look so far this year? (Roger) Crappy, too much rain. (Ernie) Too much rain. Mark, you agree with that? (Mark) Grass is doing good. I grow grass. (Ernie) You grow grass and the cattle deal’s been good. How long can we expect to see this cattle deal be this good? (Mark) Three years. (Ernie) Three years on that. I know that’s a big part of that and a lot of folks don’t know the Burkdolls raise a lot of hogs. (Mark) We feed a lot of hogs. (Ernie) Feed a lot of hogs, doing that. But you know it’s just been great… I wanted to take this time in front of everybody just to say thanks for what Brummel Farm Service does, Roger Brummel and what Mark Burkdoll does, Burkdoll Brothers Cattle Operation in the community, giving out reaching out, folks don’t see that. And that cooking that you do, I really do appreciate it and the whole community does. And I tell you what, I want you to tune in every week folks to AGam in Kansas. I’m Ernie Rodina. Until next week happy trails.

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