Scott Daily with Tips for Successful Horse Training

Jamie) Thanks for staying with us. Now Kyle and Scott will discuss how the proper techniques, persistence and confidence play a big part in successful horse training.
(Kyle) Hi this is Kyle Bauer, I have the opportunity to visit with Scott Daily. Scott I’ve seen him work at many different shows over the last ten years. It’s always amazing to me to watch him work with horses he had never seen before and able to work miracles with them. I want you to tell us the secret, so all of us can do that. (Scott) I tell you what, a lot of it is just doing it day in and day out and having confidence in what you do. There’s really actually no secret involved. You have a set of techniques that you stick to and you have confidence in that for you and for your horse. You want to make it as easy on them, so that at end of a session you’ll be riding them around, even if it’s a first time rider, it never has been touched. It’s your approach. Some horses you can approach a little quicker than other horses. Some horses you have to back off just a little bit just reading them. Being able to be persistent and also confidence. Confidence is the main thing because with confidence, confidence in you puts that confidence in that horse. And when that confidence happens in that horse they get a lot of trust built up. Once they get to where they get some confidence in you they’re just going around and thinking, hey this guy ain’t hurting me so why would I not not trust him? Why wouldn’t I want to be willing to get along with him? And even horses, even if they’ve never been touched, whether I just jump in there and never have been touched and I’m roping them and going from there, it all happens in a short amount of time. But I just try to go to just a steady pace and then just read them and don’t try to start a fit with them, and just go on from there. (Kyle) Truly though you mentioned reading the horse and I don’t think a lot of people do understand that. As you were mentioning that, I thought about some of the biggest mistakes that I had made with my horses. As I thought back on it, I should have known that there was going to…the horse was telling me we were done, we should have quit. I didn’t pay attention to horse time, I was trying to put him on my time. (Scott) Exactly, it’s just like…it’s interesting because some people it’s just they don’t know. It’s not a bad thing. I had seen a guy, he said, “Man I’m having trouble with a bit.” And I said, “You are?” I got to looking at the bit and he goes,”Yea, I’ve got this curb strap tied up as tight as I can get it.” I said, “Really?” It looked at it, it was a snaffle bit, a shank snaffle bit, and where you actually put the curb strap, he had it down there where you put the rein. I was like, “There’s your problem.” He goes, ” Oh that seems…” He just didn’t know. It wasn’t that he’s dumb, any way shape or form, when people do do stuff like that, it does not mean that they’re dumb. It’s not a dumb thing, it’s just not knowing. It happens. It’s part of it. Heck, I make mistakes just like everybody else. I was working on my truck the other day and boy, don’t even get me started on that because I am no mechanic, that’s why I train horses for a living. My friend is laughing at me and said, “You are no good as a mechanic.” I said, “No.” He goes, “You need to stick to those horses.” I said, “Exactly right.” In a nutshell, that’s just how it is. Makes me feel silly doing that. Same as it does people working with some of their horses. (Kyle) We’re visiting with Scott Daily, horse trainer. This is Kyle Bauer, reporting.(Jamie) Thanks, Kyle! After the break we’ll learn why US beef producers are stressing the importance of swift approval of Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation.

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