Seaman FFA – Day on the Farm

(Megan) Hi my name is Megan VanGordon. I am the advisor of the Seaman FFA Chapter and I am super excited to be here today. We are at Seaman FFA’s Day on the Farm, where we have all the second graders in the Seaman School District come out for the day and they get to learn about all aspects of agriculture. We have several animals here a beef heifer, swine, bunnies, poultry, horses and goats. And then they are also doing other things, learning about tractors as we have behind me. They’re planting seeds. They were also learning about egg quality, interior and exterior. It’s a fantastic opportunity for these kids to kind of get out of their realm and learn something a little bit new for them. (Dalton) Hi, my name’s Dalton. It was fun at the farm. And we got to pet horses, dogs, pigs and a cow. (Alex) Hi my name’s Alex. We are at the Elmont Farm Day. My group is over there. And we are gonna learn about these animals. We are gonna eat these animals some day. (Megan) While the average American now days is five generations removed from the farm, so it’s important to kind of bring kids back so they can actually see where their food comes from. (Clair) Hi my name is Clair and today at the farm we planted a tomato plant and my favorite thing was the chickens and the turkeys and the ducks. And we got to see an old and new tractor. And the pigs, we got to see and there was a dog area and I had fun. (Megan) Some of the funnest and hardest questions that we have received that my kids have a hard time with is-what is the difference between a boy and a girl? (Dalton) There’s two pigs over there. One’s really big and two are really small. One of them is gonna have babies. And there’s some fun turkeys over there. They puff up their feathers to attract a female. (Clair) The bunnies when they have a color around their eyes, they won’t have a pink eye. But if they don’t have a color, they’ll have a pink eye. (Dalton) How do you know if it’s an egg that you can eat? It won’t have a air pocket and if it does that means it’s a real chicken. (Megan) This is amazing for my FFA kids to actually be a part of. A big part of FFA is leadership and giving back to the community and this encompasses all of this for my kids. This is a really good way for us to give back and to introduce these kids again to new opportunities. And it gives a chance for my high schoolers to kind of be in charge of something and to take control and have this leadership opportunity and to give back. (Dalton) Only today will they have these animals. Tomorrow they will go in a trailer and they will go back to wherever they came from. (Megan) And we have had a fantastic and crazy year. We started off with homecoming and getting second place for our float for our Seaman Homecoming Parade. We have been to many different contests. We have done a poverty dinner for the first time ever this year where we actually talked about poverty in our community. And we have again, went to more contests this spring. We had FFA week, at the end of February. And we’re starting to trickle down and close off a little bit with here, Day on the Farm. And then we have our banquet next week and we also have State Contest and State Convention we go to as well, here coming up in May.

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