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(Ernie Rodina) Hello, friends. I’m Ernie Rodina. Welcome to the Horsin’ Around segment of AGam in Kansas. I’m here with Sharon Caswell with PonyUp Technologies out of Dallas. I’m also out here with Dr. Kelly Gratny Carlson out of Heartland Equine Hospital, unbelievable place, so just really excited about this new diagnostic device that you’ve come up with. Tell our folks about it. (Sharon Caswell) The device is called Vet Check. It’s a monitor that’s not invasive that goes on horses. It’s wireless and remote. It monitors full cardiac function, central blood pressure and respiration. (Ernie) Dr. Carlson with this being such a great referral hospital and everything, could have some opportunities with this? (Dr. Kelly Gratny Carlson) Definitely. I think this would be a wonderful product to be able to monitor horses, either colics or horses that are following up from surgery, to be able to continue monitoring especially since you can do blood pressure and those sorts of things, they tend to be tougher in the away course. (Ernie) It seems that the technology in equine health just keep raising the bar. Unbelievable stuff and you got to be really excited about this, Sharon, as far as what this is doing and the research you put behind it. (Sharon) It has been a long road. We’re really excited because we are ready to go to market with this product now. (Ernie) Sharon, how does this device work? (Sharon) First of all, you’re going to put it on the lower front leg on a horse. You’re going to make sure that this bladder is sitting on the distal artery. It wraps, it’s very simple to use, it’s got Velcro, it wraps around the leg and then the device wraps over the front of the leg. The device itself is transmitting Bluetooth. As long as it’s transmitting, it’s going to connect to the monitor. (Ernie) What kind of information do you get from this Vet Check? (Sharon) You’re going to get full cardiac function, central blood pressure, and respiration. (Ernie) Not only for the veterinarian community but also for the performance horses, this is going to take it to another level. (Sharon) Absolutely. Any horses that are being transported to shows and at the shows, this is a great device to have on your horse to make sure that it’s healthy and ready to compete. (Ernie) To find out more about this product, what’s the best way to get a hold of you and talk to you about your product? (Sharon) Definitely visit our website at (Ernie) Dr. Kelly, just a wonderful place you have and what an asset you are to the community, what you’re doing here and everything. You do all kinds of surgeries here, you and your husband, Eric. (Dr. Carlson) That’s correct. (Ernie) You might talk a little bit about your facility. (Dr. Carlson) Sure. Our facility is called Heartland Equine Hospital. We’re situated in Tonganoxie, Kansas which is basically Kansas City, Kansas for those that aren’t real familiar with this are. (Ernie) On the dot! On the dot! (Dr. Carlson) Pretty much. We’re right near the junction of I-70 and I-435. We’re pretty easy to get to. We are a multiple doctor practice and we do offer specialized care both in internal medicine and surgery. We are a full service hospital so colic surgery, structure repairs, all that sort of thing. We’re staffed 24/7 so we can pretty much offer any service that you need. (Ernie) We appreciate everything that both of you do for the equine industry. We appreciate you tuning in to the Horsin’ Around segment on AGam in Kansas. I’m Ernie Rodina…until next time.

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