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(Randall) I’m Randall Tosh with SmartVet. We’re the manufacturers of the VetGun and AiM-L VetCap, the unique precision dosage delivery device for treating horn flies, face flies and biting and sucking lice in beef cattle. We’re very pleased to be back at the 2015 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to once again share with the U.S. market this unique device for controlling parasite effectively in cattle when it’s not convenient or easy for producers to do so. We think we’re offering to the market the only device that let’s producers take into their own hands the power to treat cattle at a time most beneficial to them. And we’re very excited about the opportunity to bring this product back into the market again in 2015 and to help producers all across the U.S. better manage pest control. We were very heartened to receive such a strong response from the U.S. market in 2014 selling the VetGun via our distributor AgriLabs in 48 U.S. states. We saw a very overwhelming response, a great deal of interest in our product, a great recognition for what the VetGun allows producers to effectively do in better managing pest control. And so we’re coming back into the market this year, even from a strengthened position. We actually surveyed about 500 of our producers who purchased a VetGun last year and remarkably 94 percent of them told us that they would absolutely recommend this to a colleague, a friend, a neighbor who has cattle and would be interested in the same kind of unique, easy, pest control. In addition to the VetGun being easy to use, convenient, safer for both cattle and producer, it’s a great opportunity to get out with family and friends to work with your cattle in a way that allows cattle to become accustomed to this kind of a treatment process. Obviously they’re not being stressed by rounding them up and running them through a squeeze chute. Certainly producers understand that that’s not an easy thing to do at any time of year. But especially in the heat of summer, the last thing you want to do is round up your cattle. So taking the VetGun out on your 4-wheeler or your Gator or even on foot, just as we recommend drop some hay or cake to sort of acclimate your cattle to the fact that you’re there to work with them. Dry fire the gun a couple of times just to make them aware of the sound. Cattle never react adversely to the VetGun and the immediate knock down of flies and the benefit that they receive will pay off in the way of big dividends because horn flies as every producer knows are a serious pest and they’re a serious economic drain in the productivity of cattle. So the investment in a VetGun and AiM-L VetCaps can very readily start to save producers a lot of money very quickly.

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