Sorghum Contest

Ken) Hi I’m with NRCS. A lot of times they’ll call us with a resource concern whether it be soil, erosion or out in a pasture with brush or needing better grazing management or additional water. And with the soil erosion a lot of times just doing no till will take care a lot of the sheet real erosion. This field’s flat, so we’re not worried about the gully erosion. But on the steeper soils we would have gully erosion where a technician would go out and we’d make a plan and usually a lot of times we’ll put in terraces and waterways. We used to do a lot of those. Anymore we’re doing quite a few but not as many as we used to. We’re getting pretty good coverage in the counties. And I was helping out one of the producers here on the county line between Saline and Dickinson County with a sorghum yield contest. (Mark) Hi I’m Mark Pettijohn with Kansas JAG Limited. We’re standing in one of my sorghum fields that did have a little bit of aphid damage, but nothing beyond the threshold. A little bit of headworms but we did not spray for either. This field was planted June 3rd with Pioneer 84G62. It was fertilized at that time with 12 20, a little bit of sulfur, a little zinc starter fertilizer. It was also side dressed with a rolling applicator on June 11th after it was newly emerged. And what’s interesting was it was actually out yielding the other half of the field that was stripped tilled and fertilized March 1st. The chemical program here was done in two split applications. The first being April 15th. It was 1.25 quarts of Lumax. And the other was the day of planting which was June 3rd. Also 1.25 quarts of Lumax, following a planting. (Ken) This field was, this year’s in obviously sorghum. Last year it was planted to corn and then it was overflown with a cover crop, about the time right before corn was harvested and there was a nice cover crop out here that got a foot or two tall. And then froze out when winter came. And so that’s a great way to get good residue and organic matter in the soil. (Mark) Last year we won the state no till contest with 155 and I think that’s about what this field should do this year. The red milo is doing better than the yellow milo and I’m pretty optimistic.

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