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(Ignacio) Good morning folks, my name is Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti. I’m a Row
Crops, State Cropping Systems Specialist in Crop Action at K-State
Department of Agronomy. Today I would like to talk and introduce the new
concept of how to estimate soybean yields before harvest. So, here we have
a new kind of way to communicate and extend information to farmers, crop
consultants and agronomists. A couple of years ago we started to talk with
some people about how to make estimates in soybeans yields before harvest.
And one of the really hard parts on doing estimates on soybeans is really
to try to get counts of plants, counts of pod per plant and finally counts
of seeds per pod. And then the unknown factor before the end of the season
is the seed weight. So, one of the things that we decided is to really
facilitate and help farmers to do their yield estimations, is to come up
to a mobile device app that is Android native, so we can use it and it’s
free to download on the Google Play. And the app is basically just dealing
with four components on the yield estimations. First one is stand counts,
basically knowing how many plants we have in the field. A second component
is related to knowing how many pods we have per plant. So, we are doing
some counts of pods per plant. Third component is knowing the seeds per
pod. And then the final component which is the unknown factor, is the seed
weight. And most of the times when we are thinking about when is the right
moment to do soybean yield estimations, we need to wait at least until
late August or early September when those soybeans are getting into the
pod formation stage. When we have those pods already formed is the right
moment that we can go out and take those estimations. Quick questions that
people and farmers usually have is OK, what is the relevancy? Or what is
the practicality of having those estimates? And I think that there are a
couple of points. The first one is it’s a really good thing just to go out
and make sure we scout our fields. The second one is really to be able to
establish a baseline, knowing exactly what is a yield potential on
soybeans. And number three, and I think that it’s not minor, is knowing
your yield potential will also help you make decisions. So, practices,
inputs, when we are thinking about making a yield estimation late,
retroactive if I’m seeing that my yield potential is low, I can probably
not really seek the use of inputs. If I’m seeing my yield potential is
high, then I want to protect that leaf canopy. And I want to apply maybe
some, any kind of thing, if disease or insects is present, like a
fungicide or insecticide applications in order really to protect the
canopy. So, again, if you really are looking to some yield estimations and
predictions before harvest for soybeans, just check this app. It’s called
KSU Soy Yield Calc. So it’s ksusoyyieldcalc. And it’s a very simple
calculator. It’s only one screen. Farmers can go out to the field. They
can estimate how many plants they have in 21 inches. They can count pods
per plant. They can estimate seeds per pod, and then just estimate the
seed weight. So, it’s a very simple app, one screen, and it’s free and
they can find it in the Google app website.

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