Soybean Contest

(James) My name’s James Coover, I’m out here at Pettijohn Farms here south of Solomon. We’re in Dickinson County and what we’re doing today is we’re actually doing the Yield Test. It’s for the Soybean Yield Contest. The procedure is pretty simple. What we’ll do is measure out an area of the soybeans, at least it has to be five acres or more. What we’ll do is then we’ll inspect the grain truck and the combine, make sure that they’re empty. Then we’ll measure out the area, we’ll harvest that area and then we’ll take that allotment of grain to the grain elevator. And then once we get the total weight, then we’ll test it for moisture and for particle percentages and we’ll finally get the total amount of dry weight per area. (Mark) Hi I’m Mark Pettijohn. We are harvesting a Kansas Soybean Association plot today. We’re hoping to get at least five acres out of this Pioneer 93Y72 Brand Soybean. This field was planted on May 19 at a population of 120,000. And the day was a little bit rainy. It was also the first field that we planted. And so, we’re not sure if the late planted is better or the early planted is better. But of course, we hope this one makes a 70. (James) The contest is important because the Soybean Association wants to show the amount of soybeans that we’re capable of producing is really quite more than what people commonly get within their fields. And so, the soybean test and contest will show the full potential that soybeans have within the state and county. The Pioneer Brand seed had fungicide. It also was inoculated seed and it was put in a field that was actually double crop corn last year. We had average rainfall. You couldn’t have maybe selected the rain to fall any better this year on this crop, so we are optimistic on the yield. We are not going back to wheat here, despite the early harvest. It’s such good ground we are going back to corn.

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