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(Greg) This is the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the
Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas
Farmers. We’re joined now by Amanda Sales from Valley Falls, Kansas. She
will be a Junior at Kansas State University majoring in Agriculture
Communications. And Amanda this summer you served as one of two intern
positions at the Kansas Soybean Association. What got you interested in
this internship? (Amanda) It kinda came to me by chance. I had applied for
the Biotech University trip, which is sponsored by Kansas Soybeans and I
got a call from them and they were really impressed with my resume and they
asked if they could put me into the running for an internship and I was
more than ecstatic to let them do that because if anything it was a good
chance to network with some other people. After an interview they really
liked me and this is where I ended up. (Greg) What are some of the things
that you’ve been able to do through your internship this summer? (Amanda)
I’ve been doing a lot of communications work. So, one of my first major
projects was working on the economic impact of agriculture which I put
together a packet for each….it had information for each county in Kansas
and we presented that to our Congressman. And I also put together an
interactive production map for all of the counties in Kansas. I put
together a soybeans A to Z poster, a couple fact sheets about soybeans. And
my next project is going to be working on a display for the International
Grains Program building in Manhattan. (Greg) You also had a chance to go to
Washington, D.C. (Amanda) That’s right. When we went and visited with them
that was my main point was to tell them about that and show them what I had
done and let them use that as a nice reference point. And we were up there
for the National Biodiesel Board Meeting, so we got to sit in on that too.
And it was a really great experience to see some of our Congressmen. (Greg)
Did you get a chance to travel in some areas of the state too? (Amanda)
Recently we just went down to southeast Kansas for the Four State Farm Show
in Pittsburg. And we had a corporate tour with that. So we met with our
association board of directors and our commissioners and we toured around
the parts of the state. (Greg) Amanda, what’s in the future for you
majoring in Ag Communications once you complete your schooling at Kansas
State? (Amanda) Right now within ten years I want to have my own business
up and running doing mostly graphic design work, some freelance writing and
that kind of work for ag companies and even stepping outside the bounds of
agriculture. And right after college I’m looking for a great communications
job somewhere. (Greg) That is Amanda Sales from Valley Falls, she’ll be a
Junior at Kansas State majoring in Ag Communications and she also served as
one of the interns at the Kansas Soybean Association this summer. This has
been the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean
Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Learn
more at For Kansas Soybeans, I’m Greg Akagi.

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