Steve and Kelly Hazen Reflect on Starbuck Wildfire

(Dr. (Steve Hazen) I was breaking the fire, I was shutting the fire down; I got to that draw. Anyways I got out here on the road, and dang gum – my lights were getting dim, I looked and I was pointing, “What in the heck?” And I looked behind my shoulder and the flames are shooting up the back of that cab. I pulled to the ditch and jumped out and the rest is history I guess. It just melted that tractor. [Music] (Steve) We went to the feed store this morning. This guy – in the feed store there’s a father and son. The son comes out and he hands us two envelopes. (Kelly Hazen) The letters were sent out with a truckload of steel posts that were delivered to the feed store. Any farmer or rancher that needs them can go in and pick them up, and then you get a letter from the students, from that class. It’s pretty touching though. (Steve) Lots and lots of good people. (Kelly) In one letter, the child was going to send us $10. She had $10, so she just sent $10 to help with expenses. (Steve) This one letter says, “We want to cheer you up. Hope to cheer you up for your loss and your fire; I got a joke to tell you. What do you call a cow that goes to church?” Then she put, “A holy cow.” It choked me up. (Kelly) The idea that they’re thinking about you and that they care is what – it’s just so cute. Very humbling. [Music]

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