Steve Berger with Aptimmune Biologics

(Steve Berger) Hi, I’m Steve Berger from Aptimmune Biologics in Champagne, Illinois, and I am the development director for the preparation of our vaccine formulation. Aptimmune is developing mucosal vaccines for swine, particularly against two diseases, PRRS virus, which is a deadly and very costly disease for swine practitioners as well as influenza, swine influenza virus. Aptimmune is preparing to commercialize our vaccine in the industry. We’re preparing for a series B round of financing. We are visiting with prospective investors and also technology partners that may be interested in supporting us in this endeavor. We are only dealing with pigs and swine diseases at this time, although the technology platform may lend itself to other species such as cattle, the Aptimmune mission is focused on swine. This is a novel formulation of vaccines. Typically, vaccines are administered to production animals intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Our vaccine formulation is actually administered intra-nasally, which we believe is responsible for stimulating a robust immune response in the mucosal surfaces where these diseases have the biggest impact. The immune response that’s elicited against the mucosal surfaces then helps those animals to survive a real life challenge of these difficult diseases. The technology that Aptimmune has licensed has come out of both the University of Illinois as well as Ohio State. This formulation has been demonstrated to be superior over traditional vaccine approaches. We most recently have completed a study and also have confirmed that.

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