Stockmanship Clinic

(Ernie) Hi friends, Ernie Rodina with the Better Horses Radio Show, here on behalf of AGam in Kansas, the Horsin’ Around segment. Great to be here. It’s been awhile since we’ve been together, but we do have a lot of stuff going on. I’m here to talk to you folks about an event being held in Harrisonville, Missouri, at the Family Center Farm and Home just right off of 49 Highway. We’re talking about a stockmanship, effective stockmanship clinic with the one and only Curt Pate. Great guy. This guy is a horseman’s horseman, Curt is and he’s a stockman. Always whether it’s cattle, whether it’s horse. He’s taking their welfare to his best interest. He’s gonna be there June 13th, that’s a Saturday, from 10 o’clock until 11:30 we’re gonna be doing an effective stockmanship, working cattle right there in the parking lot at Family Center Farm and Home. Then take a little lunch break, talk to Curt, see some of our other sponsors and vendors around there. Coming back then about 1 o’clock, we’re gonna have ranch horsemanship, effective ranch horsemanship. And that’s the every day stuff, and getting along with your horse. A lot of you folks don’t necessarily show like myself and everything, but you want to become better horsemen. Great opportunity to be there. And we’re talking about June the 13th, Saturday, at the Family Center Farm and Home in Harrisonville, Missouri. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Curt is great and I want to tell you also, as far as he’s gonna be back in October, like October the 17th for another round at the Family Center. So, gonna have him back, do a lot of clinics. If any of you out there are interested, and wanting to do a clinic, or wanting to do some events, we’re all about that at Better Horses Radio. Myself and Dawn, we want to help take your horse experience to a higher level. So, hey, I want to see you June 13th on that Saturday, down there at the Family Center. Come out and join us, we’re gonna have a lot of neat things. And can I tell you one more thing folks? And that is, the Better Horses Network drawing. We’ve got over $15,000 dollars worth of stuff we’re gonna give away in October, including right now we’re including a Martin saddle, a ranch cutter saddle valued at $3,600. Lots of stuff happening here at or So, glad to be a part of AGam in Kansas, your Horsin’ Around segment. Ernie Rodina, talk to you next time on the trail.

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