Swine and Poultry Tours from Japan

(Dr. Carlos Campabadal) This short course is focused on swine nutrition and feed manufacturing. It’s sponsored by the U.S. Soybean Export Council and is focused for Japanese swine nutritionists and people that work on swine farms. They go all the way from the growing, reproductive stages, people that work there, and also on the feed side. This is a part of a program that the Kansas Soybean Commission has helped in funding to bring this group of people to learn all the different ways, how to make feed better, and also pretty much help in all the technical side of things in terms of nutrition and what is out; the new stuff that is out there on the swine side. With this group, it’s not the same people but using the Japan office, we bring two groups here, one for swine nutrition, and one for poultry. Also, again, funded by the Kansas Soybean Commission. This is the first one of the year. Pretty much what we have, we organize the courses that we do. One day, feed manufacturing. Second day, we focus on swine nutrition, and then we do field trips. We always like to take them to a corn and soybean farm so they could see all the different techniques and how a farmer works in the United States. (Lowell Neitzel) We’re really excited to have the tour here from Japan this morning. Give them kind of a taste of what we do here in Kansas on our farm. We farm about 5,000 acres. Quite a bit bigger than what they’re used to seeing, where they’re at. We did show them a little bit with our feed mill in our feed operation here. They sure enjoyed the cattle and seeing that because I’m not sure how many of them actually get to see the cattle there. One of the big highlights for them today was the tractor that’s right behind me. They really gravitated around that, loved it. Everybody had to have the picture with this. It was kind of cool to see that. (Carlos) We always try to visit the Kansas Soybean Commission. They learn about the Checkoff Program and also see the whole facility and how the administration works. We always take them into a commercial feed mill here in Kansas so they could see how swine feed is made from the commercial side of things. Last, they end up always in Kansas City so they could fly out, but we take them into a commercial containerized sporting facility and in this case, the long one that is here south of Kansas City. That’s pretty much how we like to combine the technical side plus field trips. We also do hands-on activities in our Kansas State O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Center, which is our feed mill. (Lowell) It’s very important for us to have that bond with those guys over there and give them a feel for what they’re going to buy from us. Maybe put a face with the product even though it really won’t be our products going to them, but they have an idea of the people in the back that goes to their products that they’re seeing and what they’re dealing with.

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