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(Jamie) Good morning and welcome back to Farm Factor. Let’s join Duane Toews on the Grand Drive at the Kansas State Fair as he catches up with the swine judge, Ben Bobell.
(Duane Toews) Duane Toews joining you with AGam in Kansas, an opportunity while at the Kansas State Fair in the Grand Drive, the Youth Show for the 4-H and FFA Livestock, a chance to catch up with the judges this year. Today we have the opportunity to catch up with Ben Bobell from Lincoln, Illinois, and Ben an opportunity here to come to Kansas. You’ve had part of the show already. What’d ya think about the kids here in the Sunflower State? (Ben Bobell) Well, I can tell you that it’s gonna be a great three-day experience cause showmanship today was just very, very good. Lots of good kids, not only kids that did well, but very, very deep competition here this afternoon. (Duane) As far as the swine industry as a whole, certainly a big part of the economic driver of this country, has been for a number of years. Where do you see some of the big things that are important to the swine industry right now as far as meeting consumer demands? (Ben) That’s a great question. So, I work for a very large company, Cargill, and so we’re involved in lots of different assets of the agriculture industry. One thing that we see as a big driver is just consumer awareness. I think today there’s some groups that just don’t understand what’s going on in the swine industry. Our job as ag advocates is to teach those people and help them understand why we do what we do, cause we want to feed the world. (Duane) As far as providing a consumer a safe product, a consumable product for that individual that’s walking through the grocery store, that always has to be of paramount importance I assume? (Ben) Absolutely. I think it’s also important at an event like this where kids are here and we have livestock here that we always do the right thing. And we want to teach our kids to always handle livestock properly cause you never know who’s gonna be here who’s watching and we want to help educate that consumer again. (Duane) As far as big picture for the swine industry in the country, what are some of the things that are challenges right now that producers are working through. (Ben) I think in the last two years as you look at the disease pressure that we’ve had, that’s been a challenge. I’d say currently just the challenge is keeping our products attractive to different markets in the world. I think today we’re doing a good job in the U.S. We want to continue to make that product safe and wholesome and really get it out to different world markets. (Duane) Our thanks to Ben Bobell, Lincoln, Illinois, evaluating the swine at the 2015 Kansas State Fair Grand Drive. We’ll be back with more here on AGam in Kansas after this.
(Jamie) Stay with us as we meet the cattle judge and see how she likes to keep things functional and practical in the ring

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