(Dwight) Dwight Faulkner with Tallgrass Commodities. During the last year we’ve seen a great run-up in the cattle prices, starting the end of fall last year and going through this winter market. We deal in all kinds of feed byproducts throughout the midwest and west coast areas. And with the higher price of cattle people are willing to spend a little bit more for feed. The good thing is most of these feed byproducts dropped off in value which I think will help in each person’s operations and we at Tallgrass are just glad to have the opportunity to do our part to help service the livestock industry. Again, with some of these feed byproducts dropping off in price, I think there’s some great opportunities through the summer and moving into fall for people to lock those in, especially with cattle prices where they are. The cost of gain should be low enough, we believe there’s going to be some good opportunities for livestock industry to make some money. Our biggest thing is we do all of our trucks. We move about 750,000 tons of product throughout the year. To find sufficient trucks to do that… we don’t own our own trucks, so we hire that all out. With some of the regulations coming down on that industry, it’s stressed that industry a little bit on the financial side. We believe we’ve been able to keep those trucks on the road more, give them an opportunity to make some money. So in the good times and the bad times we’re there to help them kind of even out their cash flows. We want them to be there for us just like we’re there for them. To get ahold of us, you can find us on the web at www.tallgrass.us or call our 800 number at 855-494-8484. Look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

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