Teacher Feature Angela Black

(Kelly) Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Walton Rural Life Center, of course. Kelly Iverson here with Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. And I’m here today to talk to you about sheep, goats, calves and most importantly Angela Black, the 2013 recipient of the Janet Sims Memorial Teacher of the Year Award. Black was the first ever Teacher Feature of the Month on our website and it’s no wonder with all the qualities she encompasses as an educator. Black is a second grade teacher at Walton Rural Life Center in Newton, Kansas. She married into agriculture when she said, I do, to husband Justin Black who is an active 4-H member and grew up with his family farm. Black has three daughters who, like Justin, are active 4-H members and involved in Future Farmers of America. Black emphasized the importance of agriculture in her everyday life. Without agriculture we wouldn’t have anything to eat and most likely be running around stark naked and very hungry. That isn’t the case thanks to farmers and ranchers and Black teaches her students this by integrating agriculture into her classroom in creative, engaging and most importantly fun ways. Students at Walton Rural Life Center are not only lucky enough to have a teacher like Black who strives to integrate agriculture in to all that she does, but they also have many agriculture resources on hand to help them better understand how important it is. Walton Rural Life Center currently has a barn with a calf, sheep, goat, ducks, pigs and even chickens. Each of the students is responsible for a chicken from processing, cleaning and selling the eggs daily. If you want to learn more about Angela Black and the great work that she does, be sure to check out the Teacher Feature side bar on our website at ksagclassroom.org. Also be sure to stay tuned to AGam to learn more about these amazing teachers.

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