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(Kelly) The Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom has a mission to connect classrooms to Kansas agriculture and an ultimate end goal to see agriculture in every classroom, every day. We work hard to make sure Kansas teachers and students know about the importance of agriculture in their lives. From identifying the parts of a wheat plant to understanding how cows convert grass to protein and having an appreciation for the farmers and ranchers who work hard to provide food options, we are striving to educate kids about the direct impact agriculture has on them everyday that they may not even realize. And as much as we would like to make ourselves available to every classroom across the state, it is simply impossible. But teachers across Kansas have taken to teaching about agriculture in their own classrooms and we here at KFAC decided that it’s about time that they are recognized. Sure, many of these teachers have been honored with awards and certificates, and while those are celebrated and are amazing achievements, we should continue to commend these deserving teachers. Each month KFAC will have a Teacher Feature on our website. What started as an idea to highlight teachers has become a reality and thus far KFAC has featured Angela Black, a second grade teacher in Newton, Rebecca Scheck, a high school teacher in Hoxie, Teresa Schulze a fifth and sixth grade teacher in Norton, Barbara McCaffree, a fourth grade teacher in Leon and last, but not least, Audra McCurdy, an agriculture enrichment instructor in Williamsburg. Each one of these teachers has excelled at incorporating agriculture into their classroom curriculum. We hope that by sharing their resources, lesson plans, and most importantly their stories, other teachers will be inspired to come up with new ideas on different ways to share the rich story of agriculture with their students. Now that you are interested in learning more, please visit our website at ksagclassroom.org. AGam and Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom are so excited to bring you these amazing Teacher Features from teachers all over the state, every month. Be sure to tune in with me, Kelly Iverson with Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom every month to see what these amazing teachers are doing.

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