Tech Field Day with Scott Schechter

(Scott Schechter) My name is Scott Schechter. I’m from Hugoton, Kansas. I work for Seaman Crop Consulting. This is the first Water Tech Field Day here at Plymell Garden City, Kansas. Basically, Seaman Crop Consulting’s role here is we have 18 soil moisture probes, two per field on this farm. And what our challenge is is to help Tom Willis manage his water in the most efficient way possible, whether that be savings of water or shuffling water from field to field. We’ve been very fortunate because we’ve had rain this year but the rain has also brought challenges. One of the challenges it has brought is that we’ve realized how much runoff we actually get because of the soil moisture probes were able to see that runoff and know that we are maybe not in as good a shape as we might have been. If we get a gentle rain we’ve been in really good shape, so we are thankful for that. One of the things that we do here is we try and help him manage from well to well and field to field and this well right up here at the top of the hill actually went down on him earlier on. Well thank goodness Tom had the foresight to split plant his milo and by split planting his milo we are able to take a farther along crop over here to my right and the crop over here to my left we were able to plant it very very late that allowed a time frame between so that we could water the crop that’s farther along. This over here is at flower stage, the crop over there is at 12-leaf stage, so we’ve got a pretty good gap. Overall the experience has been really good. We’ve learned so much this first year; I can’t wait for next year. Tom and I, my superior Loren Seaman and I we’ve all discussed some of the things that we can do to make this even better up here. As I alluded to in my presentation earlier the biggest thing is that we want to preserve this aquifer for coming generations. It’s go time, there’s no waiting around, and we’ve got to do it now because it’s going fast. If you’d like to contact me my email address is My cellphone number is 620-428-1020. I welcome any and all phone calls, texts, anything like that. I am open for business 24 hours a day and I do get phone calls from farmers 24 hours a day.

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