Tena Cobb

(Jamie) Welcome back! Let’s catch up with Duane and Tena Cobb, a livestock exhibitor from Windsor, Colorado.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you with AGam in Kansas. And while at the Kansas State Fair in the Dairy Barn we had the opportunity to talk with Tena Cobb. Tena from Windsor, Colorado, Remembrance Farm. And Tena you had the opportunity to show in the Milking Shorthorn show with Junior Champion and Outstanding Female and I understand that you’ve got plans for her in the coming weeks. (Tena) Yes, that’s right, we’re hoping to go to Madison, Wisconsin, to the World Dairy Expo with our beautiful girl Sterling, and see how we will do there. It’s probably the best dairy show in the whole world. And I’m a little bit intimidated by it, but I’m gonna take that chance and we’re gonna step out of our safety zone or whatever you want to call it, and go for it and see what happens. (Duane) So Tena, I know from past experience here at the Kansas State Fair and with you, one heifer that you’ve brought, sometimes circumstances dictate the way things work out, but you’ve been a long time exhibitor here at the Kansas State Fair. (Tena) Yea, that’s right. I started coming when I was about 13 or 14 years old. And back in those days there were, this barn and the other barn both were full of cattle. It was a wonderful time and we learned a lot, what to look for in showing cattle, what kind of cattle would win, and we all learned together, my Dad and my sister and I. And enjoyed it thoroughly which is why we still come. We love the people at the Kansas State Fair, especially the breeders that show with us. It’s our favorite fair and always will be. And hope to keep coming as long as I have cattle. (Duane) Tena I’m not going to make the mistake of saying how old you might be, but you referenced that you’ve been showing dairy cows since you were a teenager. Obviously you’ve seen things change over time. What are some of the differences over the years that you’ve seen as far as what we’ve done with dairy cows, particularly in the show ring? (Tena) It has changed quite a bit. Confirmation wise the cattle, I think, have come a long ways towards the good. I love seeing the beautiful cattle out there, no matter what the breed is. I love seeing beautiful cattle. I love dairy cattle; I always will. I’m especially drawn to Brown Swiss, since I grew up on a Brown Swiss farm. And they have changed a lot, as have the Milking Shorthorn. And I love being a part of both of those breeds. We also have a Jersey at home that our grandson shows and we’re very proud of her and being part of that breed also. Of course, our cattle give more and more milk all the time too, which is a good thing if you want to stay in the business of actually milking cattle. My husband and I no longer milk because it got to be harder and harder to make a living in the dairy industry and we finally gave it up. But we have wonderful friends who continue to milk some cows for us so we can come and be a part of this. (Duane) Well, our thanks to Tena Cobb in Windsor, Colorado, Remembrance Farm. Ben her husband unable to make the trip with her this year due to circumstances, but joining us on AGam in Kansas. Jamie, we’ll send it back to you in studio.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane! Next Bridgette Smith shares a big opportunity for niche marketing to help small producers stay competitive in the dairy business.

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