Teresa Brandenburg

(Conrad) Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. I’m your host Conrad Kabus. Kansas soybean farmers and their industry partners arrived January 7th in Topeka for the Annual Kansas Soybean Expo. (Teresa) So, we are here at the 2015 Kansas Soybean Expo and we have a really full day of things going on here. It’s a really great opportunity for producers to come together and learn and improve their operations. We started the morning with some reports from those that work with the Soybean Association and the Commission to improve exports or soybeans and then we had a great keynote speaker, Michelle Payn-Knoper joined us today and spoke to us about having a passion for agriculture and about how we can all do something to tell people our story and to really tell agriculture’s story to ensure a legacy. Then we went on to some K-State breakout sessions. We had some brilliant researchers here today from K-State sharing some of the information that they’re learning as they do their research. And we actually had an opportunity for producers to go to two of those three breakouts. And then of course we have the luncheon where there will be awards given. And we’ll conduct the annual business meeting of the Kansas Soybean Association. And this afternoon we’re gonna finish up with another speaker, Roger McEowen and he is going to be talking about farm succession planning. So, a really full day planned here in Topeka. (Conrad) The Association organizes the event with check off funding from the Kansas Soybean Commission to coincide with the Topeka Farm Show. (Teresa) Obviously, it’s held in conjunction with the Topeka Farm Show, which is another great way to make people worth the drive for them to come out here, so that kind of dictates the date. And then we work throughout the year during board meetings and conference calls to really plan the details and make sure it’s a great experience for everyone that attends. (Conrad) If producers didn’t make it to the Expo, several of the speeches will be discussed on today’s show along with research from Kansas State University. (Teresa) Some of the things that are really important for producers to know are current research things that are taking place so that you can be profitable on your farm. And today we have speakers that are talking about Sudden Death Syndrome. They’re talking about how to produce high yielding soybeans, as well as how to combat the fight that we make against weeds and how we’re going to deal with herbicides in the future. We’ve also got some information being given today about succession planning. Most of our farms in Kansas are going to pass hands in the next 30 to 40 years, and it’s important for families to be prepared to make that succession plan. And Roger McEowen is actually here today and he is going to be giving us some great information as far from a tax and law perspective on how to make that transition a little less painful.

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