Terry Venduska – Kansas Corn School

(Terry) I’m Terry Vinduska, I represent the Kansas Corn Commission, I am Commissioner from the Central District in Kansas, I am really excited to be here in this Corn School put on by K-State. We are just really excited to host it. It is a wonderful opportunity to get corn growers together. The Corn Commission is really interested in reaching out to growers of Kansas to look at sponsoring programs that corn growers want to be a part of. Sponsoring some educational type programs that can help they understand what the Commission does and education is a part of what we do. This is the first school we have had this year, we had a little over 150 registrants and I know I counted well over 100 participants here today, so we are really excited to see this large group out today. K-State has done a really great job putting together a very, very timely program. We are talking about weed control, which is an ongoing issue in corn production, or any ag production really. We are talking about marketing, corn prices, we are talking about drought tolerant corn and the yield effects of drought tolerant corn, under drought, but also under normal growing conditions. The points are very timely right now when all of us are trying to profitably grow corn in Kansas. You get to hear the current state of the art, the programs that are out there and ideas that K-State’s offering to help us to be all more profitable in tough economic times that is really crucial, so we always look at the profitability of everything we do. Many farmers tend to not be joiners, we work alone or with a couple of people, so we tend to be more self oriented rather than group oriented, but I have seen enough through the different organizations I’ve been a part of to know that if farmers can work together we can all become more profitable, we benefit from all the experiences that we all share. So that is why it is so important for farmers to be a part of the different groups, whether that is through Kansas Corn, or other farm organizations. Just gathering together for a program like this today, we get a chance to network, we get a chance to visit with one another that we don’t see very often and we learn a lot from each other. Its not just the K-State presenters that we learn from, we sit around over coffee and lunch and say what is working for you? Like what herbicides work for you, what populations are you using and that helps us all grow and do a better job.

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