The Flat Aggie Project

(Tiffany) I’m Tiffany Piatt and I’m a first grade teacher at Heller Elementary and I’ve taught first grade for six years now. I’m working to incorporate agriculture in my classroom using the Flat Aggie project and working with my partner. (Nicole) Good morning. I’m Nicole Small. I’m a farmer and rancher near Neodesha, Kansas. I’m also a blogger, the author of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom. (Tiffany) I met Nicole my second year teaching when I had her son and Nicole approached me about the idea of using Flat Stanley in the classroom to promote agriculture and to get the kids learning about agriculture in different states. Nicole is the legs to our Flat Aggie project that we use monthly in our classroom. She does that through her blog. She sends out reports to farms across the nation and so far we’ve reached quite a few farms [laughs]. (Nicole) We still have a few states to go but we’ve been from Canada to New Hampshire. We’ve done lima beans, honeybees, a mushroom farm, we even did almonds in California and cotton, as well as corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, dairy and beef. (Tiffany) This project has been a really good one for the elementary classroom just because we don’t find a lot of time to get to our science and social studies as much as we’d like to. This project is allowing us to have, it takes a short amount of time to get a big bang for our buck when it comes to science and social studies, as well as incorporating language, arts and math through those projects. Nicole helps out with some math questions that go along with each report and then she has another blogger friend that actually helps out with the reports in getting us lots of information about each topic. (Nicole) Katie Pratt that is known as theillinoisfarmgirl online writes an all-about-each-subject page, to give additional resources and online resources and books that they can use in the classroom as well. (Tiffany) We’re here today and we hope to reach more teachers and more kids to get the word out about agriculture. (Nicole) You can find out more about Flat Aggie on or find Flat Aggie on Facebook.

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