The Holistic Approach

(Bob Cervera) The Jaeger family knows that without optimum health in all aspects of their operation, there is no sustainability. They want those outside agriculture to know it, too. (Jaeger) We think it’s important to have transparency in what we’re doing and how we’re producing to the consumer and we believe that it’s imperative to handle our livestock in a low stress environment and to follow the protocols and guidelines that are set out by the beef quality assurance. (Bob) Studies show that two of the Jaegers’ operational goals are closely related: producing the best beef and low-stress cattle handling. (Jaeger) I think when you want high-quality beef that includes taking really great care of the cattle and really great care of the land that you’re on. They all work together. The word holistic really defines what we’re looking for. (Bob) That means looking at the entire business, from genetics and marketing to animal and soil health. They’ve made improvements with a comprehensive grazing plan the last two years. (Jaeger) That’s our future, you know, agriculture as a whole’s future, is soil health. It’s incredibly important. Especially during a drought. That’s where our focus is, is really on soil health and really getting our organic matter up and those things that are going to be good for the long term. (Bob) Quality. It’s a whole-systems approach that the Jaegers are looking to master. I’m Bob Cervera.

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