The new K-State Equine Performance and Testing Center

(Dr. Chris Blevins) Hello, and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center. Today we have a special guest, Kala Ade; she is a project manager for the equine side of GH2 Architects, so thank you and welcome to the show. (Kala Ade) Thank you. (Dr. Chris) So, why are you here? One thing is an exciting project we have worked on here at the Kansas State Veterinary Health Center and that’s the new building that’s going up and that we’ve probably talked about a little bit before and it’s definitely a hot topic or a topic that people have discussed and see when they come by and drive back through the back parking lot for the equine. Could you just talk a little bit about the Equine Performance and Testing Center? (Kala) Sure. We’ve been working with the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine on the new Equine Performance Testing Center for a couple of years now but it’s finally under construction. This past spring we completed the documents and it was put out to bid and Osborne Construction has now been working on it since summer. We’ve been seeing a lot of great construction activity for the building. The building’s going to include several different evaluation areas so that if a horse comes on the campus with a lameness issue, they can be able to come into the facility and be worked either in hand or being ridden under saddle in a couple of different areas including a soft-surface riding area, a long hard-surface trot up area, and then also a lunging area. And then to supplement these evaluation areas, we also have holding stalls, an open exam area, radiographic imaging room, a farrier area and then also a consultation room. (Dr. Chris) And I think when you’re discussing all those things, you make it sound like it’s not that big deal, but that’s actually a pretty big deal to have that, I mean, where would be even the closest facility that would be even to compare to this facility that’s getting erected? (Kala) This will be the first one in the state of Kansas and you would have to reach out to neighboring states to be able to get this type of facility. It really will be a cutting-edge facility to have in the Midwest. It should draw a lot of clients to come onto the Kansas State Campus. (Dr. Chris) That is really exciting, and we project it to maybe be done when? (Kala) We’re planning to have it open for operation by February. We’ve been working on all of the site grading work and on all of the concrete foundations and footings, and the concrete walls. This week on site they are pouring asphalt for the hard-surface evaluation areas and completing the concrete floor slab. This Friday they will have the metal building package delivered and next week we’ll be erecting that metal building, so you’ll start to see the three dimensions of the building shape take form. Then beyond that they’re hoping to have it completely enclosed before the winter weather sets so that we can have the interior fit-out completed and open the doors for clients to come in February. (Dr. Chris) That’s really exciting, and I think that’s something that is starting to take shape pretty quick. Everything’s coming together and this is pretty exciting stuff for Kansas State and for the equine section here at Kansas State. We sure appreciate all your work that you do for your company and here at Kansas State. I guess, kind of an interesting tidbit is where you came from and–? (Kala) I’m originally from Salina, Kansas and I’ve grown up being a Wildcat and a horse lover all of my life. My husband’s a professor here at Kansas State, and we have Belgian draft horses that we show. So in addition to being an equine facility designer, we are also horse owners and K-State alumni. (Dr. Chris) That is great. Well, we sure appreciate you and we appreciate what you’re doing to organize and get this facility on the road and finished, and again if anybody ever is stopping by and wants to see the facility you can just see it when you walk in and come into the equine section, but it’s definitely going to be changing rapidly – (Kala) Right. (Dr. Chris) – over the course of the winter, and hopefully, by end of the winter, first part of spring, will be up and ready to go. Well, thank you, Kala; we’ll just keep in tune with anything else as we go through. (Kala) All right. Thank you. (Dr. Chris) I’m Dr. Chris Blevins with Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and we’ll see you around.

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