Tiffany Cattle Company

(Jena) When Shawn and Shane Tiffany started growing their commercial feedyard business, they knew relationships would be key. (Shane) We get to feed exceptionally good cattle. We worked hard on the initial phases of the business and here on out and meeting with cow-calf producers on an individual basis at their particular operations and showing them that all of their hard work and all of their investment in good quality genetics and all of those things, that they could realize a pretty good return for those investments and for their diligence and animal husbandry and things of that nature. (Jena) Retained ownership customers make up a large part of their business, and they enjoy feeding for rancher partners who are looking to make cattle better. (Shane) One of the rewarding things in my job is as I get to call them and we get to go over in great detail their carcass data on an individual basis and ultimately the question that is always asked is, Where do we go from here? How do we make things better? And you know some of the guys over the years have had tremendous carcass data but have a lack on the growth side of genetics and then there is the opposite, some guys have had tremendous feedlot growth but lack or left wanting a little on the carcass data. (Jena) But their customers prove what can happen with the right feedback and action. (Shane) We’ve got several guys that will push 100% Choice and 10% Prime and be up in 70% to 75% CAB range they have just done an excellent job picking bulls and doing the right things, and it pays off, it really does. (Jena) Always do the right thing is an underlying motto at Tiffany Cattle Company near Herington, Kansas, and they’re glad customers share it. I’m Jena McRell.

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