Tire Tank Install

(Jamie) Welcome back! Let’s catch up with Kyle and Herschel as they discuss the details of the tire tank.
(Kyle) We continue to be here with Herschel George as we’ve done this installation today in Dickinson County of a solar pump. And then also behind us we see the tire tank that was used for the storage. In this particular case Herschel, why did you choose a tire tank? (Herschel) We’re using the solar pump and as you saw earlier today, sun goes behind the cloud, we don’t get real good pumping. And some days it could be bad enough that you don’t get any pumping. And so we need some storage for these cattle that might come by here and drink two, three, four times a day. And so to do that, we are using a large storage device, in this case the tire tank to hold water. And our goal was to have enough for three days worth of storage; enough water that it would water them for three days. And that way, if the solar pump is working even half way, it will more than take care of enough water for the cattle. (Kyle) And as we installed this tank, it wasn’t just about the tank, the location of the tank, and prepping the ground around it was part of what you did as well. (Herschel) After they decided where they wanted the tank, we needed to do a good job of leveling. The larger the tank, the more important it is to get that level. In this case, it was about an 11 foot diameter tire, and so just a little bubble off, will be an inch off when you get 11 feet away. And so we had to be real careful. This tank is…it’s off by maybe a quarter of an inch or maybe a half inch. (Kyle) Now prepping the ground around it afterwards so the cattle have a good place to stand. (Herschel) We put a geo-textile fabric and that’s a piece of material that goes down between the soil and the rock. And what that does is prevent the rock from smashing down through and getting mixed with the mud, or the mud coming up through our rock. It is a big savings for rock, over the next life of this project. We would like to think that you don’t need to add rock for four, five, six years.
(Jamie) Stay with us as Kyle catches up with Ken Bowell with the NCRS.

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