Tom Granzow with the Kansas Hereford Association

(Tom Granzow) My name is Tom Granzow, I’m the secretary manager of the Kansas Hereford Association and we’re having our yearly tour. We’re at Frank Hug and Sons at Scranton, Kansas. They are a member of the Kansas Hereford Association, have been Breeder of the Year in the past. And Chris Mickelson and Mickelson Herefords is here, a commercial breeder, and he’s been the Commercial Breeder of the Year in the past. Guys that are progressive and do a lot of work as far as performance testing and carcass testing and things like that to enhance the breed. That’s why we have the tour so that we can get more eyes on people’s cattle and not cost a lot of money. It’s a really good way of advertising. People get to see the cattle and see what you’re doing. See what your program is like. It’s a way that as an association we can, our whole goal is to enhance the marketability of Hereford cattle and that’s by promotion. The middle of the summer, people have been putting hay up all summer and they’ve been working like dogs so now we kind of get together so it turns into just as much as a social event as it does a cattle breeding event. We want people to look at the cattle. We also make sure it doesn’t cost them anything. Once they come on the tour the meals are all provided. Tonight, we have a ranch rodeo at Dwight, Kansas. Cindy Brown is the Hereford breeder there; her and her family and they’re putting on a ranch rodeo. We’ll stop at two other ranches this afternoon on the way there. Davis Herefords in Mill Creek and then we have a full day on Sunday. Meals provided, the weather’s been beautiful. One of the favorite things for people on the tour is just to get together and be sociable and get to see friends you don’t see maybe once a year and renew some acquaintances and talk about cattle. Talk about cattle, that’s what we do. Talk about the grandkids, talk about kids. Everybody’s growing up. We were actually in the same district last year. We have six districts but there are enough members in this district that we were north of I-70 last year. We’re south of I-70 this year. It runs to about Junction City, highway 77 and then south to highway 56. We’ll cover this district and it takes us about seven years to get around the state. We have six districts and we have at least one that we cut in half because the number of members. We have about 130 members now, horned and polled Herefords both. We try to involve when we can and keep the cost down with corporate sponsorships and we can involve that many more people. It takes about seven years to get back around to the same spot. I’ve been secretary manager since the year 2000 but I’ve been raising Herefords since I was a kid in Morris County, northwest of Council Grove, south of Junction City in the hills there. I’ve been involved with Hereford cattle my whole life. This is a half time job so it fits in pretty good. My son and I have an operation and also own a locker plant in Harrington, Kansas. We sell meat and another way to enhance marketability of Herefords. Kansas Hereford Association does have a website. Our publications are on there and that’s usually where people can get information or you can contact me through that website and I can get you on the mailing list. We have sales and an annual meeting. Always something going on.

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