Tomas Pena with S4

(Tomas Peña) Hello my name is Tomas Peña. I’m US Country Manager and Co-founder of S4, and we’re here in the Van Trump Conference in Kansas City because we were invited by the iSelect group from St. Louis because we represent one of the startups index in the St. Louis community. We won the Arch Grant Awards last year and we are part of the Yield Lab and Six Thirty acceleration programs. We’re very happy to be here in the Missouri area and we are from Argentina. We came last year in May 2015 as part of the first batch of the Yield Lab, which we were selected as, out of 115 companies all over the world, they selected five companies, S4 was one of them and we moved and opened the St. Louis office based at the Helix Center. The solution that S4 brings to the table is with the S4 Index, we are able to monitor and follow up what’s going on in the farms especially in corn and soybean. We’re focusing on Argentina, Brazil, and the US. We bring to the table solutions for risk management, basically drought insurance through index-based coverage. We are doing that with are suppliers in Argentina and we’ll probably launch in Brazil next year. We’re working on that. We are also in the US, we’re working with portfolio monitoring for insurance companies and we are working on parametric coverage for the US companies that sell to farmers. Our focus is not the farmer itself but whoever supplies any kind of goods to them. The technology that we use is based on multi-sensory as in NASA satellites. That brings a pixel of 15 acres, so it doesn’t allow us to go into precision agriculture but more into the season agriculture and monitor how well the farms are performing and benchmark themselves against the history and evolution of the county.

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