Tracy Brunner

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor! Here’s Kyle’s conversation with Tracy at the KLA annual meeting.
(Kyle) Hi this is Kyle Bauer at the KLA Convention, have the opportunity to visit with Tracy Brunner. He is the upcoming president of NCBA, has also been in the leadership of KLA over the years. Tracy, Dickinson County producer, tell us just a little bit about your operation in Dickinson County. (Tracy) Well thank you Kyle. In southern Dickinson County, our operation includes everything from a seed stock to farming, ranching, grazing of yearling cattle and cows/calves on the Flint Hills as well as a feeding operation. So, we’re quite diverse. We’re fourth generation and transferring to the fifth generation now of Brunners in Dickinson County. (Kyle) The amount of time that you have spent over the years and leadership for the industry, for the cattle industry has been significant. Tell us how you got involved with KLA and how that evolution happened. (Tracy) Well you know Kyle, I always had a high regard for the service to the industry that Kansas Livestock Association provides. And even as a young high school 4-Her growing up, I saw the leadership and representation that KLA provided. And so one of the first things I did after graduating from Kansas State was send in my first KLA membership. And you know it was kind of a big deal for me then and it’s still a big deal for me now. Over the years I’ve gained so much from KLA and working in KLA, the great people foremost that I’ve been able to be associated with, but also so very importantly for me, the continuing education. And what I’ve been able to learn. KLA provides so much good, not only networking, but information on cutting edge technologies, and new ways to do things. So, KLA has been a big, big service to not only my career, but also to my family business over the years. (Kyle) Now, you’re evolving into leadership for NCBA. That will happen soon. Large responsibility with a lot of travel for the next year. (Philip) There will no doubt be some travel. We’re fortunate enough to be invited to attend some state meetings around the country, just like this one here in Wichita. And always very happy and anxious to go and not only represent the national association, but learn what’s on the minds of cattlemen around the country. You know, we raise cattle from coast to coast and from the swamps to the mountains. And just about everywhere that we can put a fence around and can’t get over with a lawnmower, why we run some cows and raise some cattle on. And so this cattle industry that we work to represent is quite diverse but very unified in the values that I find from cattlemen. So, always anxious to get out there and talk with cattlemen as much as possible and find out their thoughts about things that are going on in our industry. (Kyle) Tracy Brunner, Dickinson County producer. Soon to be leadership of NCBA. This is Kyle Bauer reporting.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us once again at the KLA Annual Meeting in Wichita. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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