Tracy Brunner

(Tracy) Good morning, I’m Tracy Brunner, I’m a rancher and cattle feeder from Ramona, Kansas. I’m also a member this year of the officer team of the National Cattleman’s Beef Association currently serving as the president elect. Recently the National Cattleman’s Beef Association along with the Cattleman’s Beef Board conducted and finished a five-year, industry-wide plan. And this had input from both association, beef board, as well as other industry representatives, with representatives of academia, packing, as well as ranching and feeding interests represented. Through the industry-wide, long-range plan a road map, if you will, for priorities and more specific how to reach those priorities is laid out. And with that road map and industry long-range plan then, the industry can refer back to it, focus on those priorities and also follow the supporting bullet points initiatives that have been identified as helping achieve those priorities. And of course the overall plan focuses on increased and continued profitability for the beef industry, opportunity in the beef industry for all participants. Well Heather, the U.S. beef industry is very diverse. We raise cattle on every corner of the United States, from shore to shore, mountain to swamp. All cattle are able to contribute to our beef supply and our part of the beef production system. In addition to beef cattle and cattle that are bred specifically to harvest forage and produce beef, we also have a large contingency of dairy cattle. In fact over 20 percent of our current domestic beef supply is supplied…comes from dairy beef. Heather, the American beef industry has always been characterized by rugged individualistic approaches and this provides great interest in grassroots producers getting involved in their industry organizations, contributing their time and their talents and their interests to help make the industry a better place for everyone. And what it does is provide more opportunity for all, whether they are new comers, whether they’re an old family ranch that’s been in the business for generations, the American beef industry continues to be one of the strongest areas where free enterprise is still growing strong.

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