Tracy Streeter at Duane Roth’s Water Technology Farm

(Dr. (Tracy Streeter) It’s good to be back out here the Duane Roth Farm here north of Garden City, the Holcomb area, to look at his water technology farm. He was one of the first three technology farms to start in Kansas last year and we learned a great deal from his experiment last year. K-State is providing a lot of good technical support here. Now Duane has taken it to a new level just focusing on the moisture probes today. The probes are really I think the linchpin in solving this aquifer problem with new technology because regardless of what type of sprinkler system you use, knowing what the soil profile looks like and what it needs for water enables the producer to turn the sprinkler on and turn it off; have some confidence that he’s got a full profile down there for the plant. I think water saving starts with these probes then there’s a lot of options out there for producers and Duane, working with all the vendors and different manufacturers, has done a great job of bringing them all together here today and basically having a show and tell on which one’s work. That way it gives producers some insight into which package works best for them. When you couple this with water conservation areas or local enhanced management areas, we’re making some reductions to extend the life the aquifer. This technology is going to prove to us that we can maintain our yields, maintain our profitability and extend this vital resource for western Kansas. In this community up here in northern Finney County, we’ve got a nice nucleus of producers, Duane and his neighbors, that have banded together and really feel strongly about the need to extend the life of this aquifer. I really appreciate them making this event today, so that, we’ve got producers from beyond Finney County in Kearny County here today. I’ve seen folks from all over Kansas and I think some other states are even here today to look at this technology. I think Duane’s efforts and the state’s efforts to work on the Ogallala is being viewed by other states even. Most of these vendors have been partners on this technology farm and others. I think if you want to contact the water office go to our website we’ve certainly got some information on technology farms and Kansas State University would be a great resource. We got Jonathan Aguilar here and the folks at Garden City Experiment Station have a ton of information. They’ve been doing an evaluation of mobile drip irrigation for two growing seasons now. Those folks would be great places to start have a local conversation. The GMD has a regional conservation partnership program in Garden City, that’s a great place to go to get information as well. I’d start probably just locally here work with the GMD and K-State to get more information.

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