Travis Poovey

Travis Poovey, Paxico, Kansas, been farming since 1988. Run corn and soybeans. Occasionally we have wheat, when it’s profitable. Last few years we haven’t had any wheat. Been kinda running just the corn and soybeans. We run a no till operation. We planted corn this spring. That all went in pretty good shape, a little bit dry. On May 4th it started raining and between May 4th and the current time, we’ve had 20 plus inches of rain. We’ve been struggling pretty hard to get corn sprayed and get our soybeans planted. The water has really kind of hurt some of the corn down in the bottoms. It’s lost some of its nutrients and water hasn’t gotten away from it. The hill ground, terraced ground looks a lot better, where the water actually ran away. Some of the soybeans ground is kind of struggling a little bit to get dried out and get some beans in the ground. This year we’re hoping for a little better corn crop than last year. Last year, we got pretty dry through July and August. We’re hoping that the way the hill corn looks, the hill corn is gonna be pretty decent corn compared to last year’s hill corn. The bottom corn we’re not real sure about yet, due to the fact that it’s awful wet. The soybeans we have in the ground look pretty good so far. We’ve still got part of them to plant. We’re hopeful we get ’em planted in the next week and we’ll get some decent rains later on this summer and they’ll amount to a decent crop. The outcome of that we’ll just have to wait and see. Last year’s beans we planted was pretty decent for the year. We actually kind of got a late rain there in August that helped finish ’em out. This farm, the place I live on, has been in the family for 85 years and I would like to continue to keep it going for future generations on down the road.

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