Troy Brunson

(Ernie) Hi friends, Ernie Rodina right here with the AGam in Kansas, the Horsin’ Around segment. I host the Better Horses Radio Show. And it’s just great to be here. We’re talking about the 2015 Kansas High School Championships. And look who I got hooked up with, the President Troy Brunson. Troy, great to finally get to meet you. And what a kickoff you’re having. (Troy) Yea, thanks Ernie, I appreciate you coming out and supporting these kids and being a part of it. (Ernie) Well, that’s what’s really neat. It’s all about rodeo. But what…there’s so many lessons you teach here on this High School Rodeo deal. And this is a sport where these kids come from all across the state. Maybe this might be the only high school rodeo person in that high school. (Troy) Yes sir. We even bring some from other states like my kids. We’re from Diamond, Oklahoma. Big Oklahoma rodeo. But joined Kansas, we’re originally from Garden City, and we just like the camaraderie that we’ve come across through Little Britches Associations and you know now we’re here at the Kansas, at the high school level. (Ernie) Now these contestants are working these next three days, I think it’s three days. (Troy) Yes sir. (Ernie) They’re gonna be doing that. And they’re going to vie for a chance for the championships and that’s gonna be where? (Troy) They take the top four in each event from every state to Rock Springs, Wyoming, for the National High School Rodeo Championships. (Ernie) It’s been working great. You have two seasons, you have a fall season and a spring season. (Troy) Yes sir. (Ernie) And lots of hard work’s been going on here. It’s a great atmosphere. You’ve got everybody here and what’s been a highlight for you this last year as the president of the Kansas High School Rodeo? (Troy) Well, this has been my first year. It’s been great. Got a great group of kids. Got a great group of parents. Got a great board that is supportive of each other. We, you know, it’s just…that’s the highlight. The kids. Every one of these kids I claim as my kids. They’ve been great. And just looking forward to taking a team that’s gonna well represent Kansas at Rock Springs. (Ernie) The Fall of 2015 marks a new season that we have going on there. And so how can folks find out more about this? To become a member? Get their kids involved in high school rodeo? (Troy) Well you can go to our Kansas High School Rodeo Association website. Susan Adams, our state secretary, does a great job keeping that updated. You can call any one of us board members. All of our names are listed-President, Vice President. We’re more than happy to speak with you and we just welcome anybody that has an interest in rodeo. (Ernie) Well, you know eastern Kansas lost the high school championships for a couple of years. They’re doing everything possible to make sure you never think about leaving again. (Troy) Yes, yes. Topeka’s been great. It’s great to come to the State Capital and let these kids compete here. The Expo Centre does a great job and we’re glad to be here at the State Capital. (Ernie) The Expo Centre does a great job and so does AGam in Kansas on the Horsin’ Around segment. Thanks for being a part of AGam in Kansas. And thank you folks for watching today. Folks, tune in every week to AGam in Kansas. I’m Ernie Rodina with the Better Horses Radio Show. Tune into that. Go to Talk to you down the trail.

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