Troy Dumler GM with The Garden City Company

(Troy Dumler) I’m Troy Dumler. I’m the General Manager at the Garden City Company. The Garden City Company is a landholding company, established in 1905, and we hold a lot of ground in Finney and Kearny County. We’re standing in front of a project that got started this year with our tenant farmer, Dwane Roth. In this project we’re looking at different irrigation technologies to help improve irrigation efficiency. There’s been a big change in well capacity of not only this area, but also large areas of western Kansas. That’s due to the decline in the Ogallala Aquifer. What we’re trying to do is work on projects, implement technologies that help reduce that water use to be able to manage either declines that we’ve already seen and to also help conserving extends for the future. I think everybody is looking at something to help improve technology in water use efficiency overall. Some look at it in different ways. There’s a lot of different tools that they can use out there, whether it’s specific technologies for water delivery, like in center pivot systems, whether it’s use of soil moisture monitors, whether it’s different crop rotations, different tillage practices, all kinds of things to help reduce the water use. This is very much a public/private endeavor, not only from our end, of course, we are the landowner and so we’re trying to support our tenant, who’s really taken the lead on this project. But there’s been many companies involved with it as well that provide products to us, to test out and use; provided resources for us to learn how to use those technologies. We’ve also involved K-State Research & Extension. They’re helping us oversee this project and other projects so we can make sure if we’re doing an analysis on different types of technologies, that we’re doing an objective analysis and formulating the studies correctly. Kansas Water Office has been involved and helped in supporting this project as well. It’s very much cooperation with these different entities, both that are looking out to help improve their own operation, but also to provide information for the public as a whole as well.

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