Tyler Leonhard and Sam Capoun

(Tyler) My name is Tyler Leonhard, I’m the herdsman and manager at the Kansas State University Purebred Beef Barn. This year, we’re at our 38th Annual Legacy Sale. We’re really excited about this year’s offering. We’ve got great Hereford, Simmental and Angus bulls available as well as some production females. It’s really unique the system that we’re in right now. Our bulls, our heifers, our cows everything is produced by our students. I employ students at the barn on a day to day basis and we utilize a class in a teaching setting to put our legacy sale together. It’s a really, really unique thing in the country in land grant universities. We’ve had great success, we’ve had great genetic improvement. The unique thing about our program here at Kansas State is that we have a livestock sales management class. These students put on our sale every year. They manage this the sale. They help get our bulls ready. They prepare things. They talk to our customers. And the biggest job that we have, almost one of the biggest jobs that we have is the week after the sale. We go back through and we see some of the things that we could have improved, some of the things we could have done better and we utilize those student’s feedback to start on next year’s class. And it’s very helpful to us both as full-time employees but it’s also a great learning mechanism for the next class coming up. Our cow genetics in turn, our bull genetics have improved over the years, mainly from just good herdsmanship based on the people that have been here, very helpful folks, down in Weber Hall in the Animal Science Department and very generous donors through the years, mostly alumni of the program that want to see us succeed, see this program thrive in a teaching environment. Proceeds from our Annual Legacy Sale go back into the Purebred Beef Unit Fund. They support the cows that we use to teach classes here at K-State. We like to have a hands on situation and things like the sale, the revenue from the sale help us do those things much more successfully. (Sam) I’m Sam Capoun from Paxico, Kansas, and today I’m here with my livestock judging team from Butler Community College. We’re here to check out the K-State Legacy Sale for the bulls. We actually judged these bulls a couple weeks back, so we wanted to come in and see what they are looking like today and what the producers are gonna find when they go in and take ‘em home and put ‘em back in their breeds. So we’re really excited to see that and how the sale goes. And we also want to come and check out the trade show, meet with the producers and see what they have to say and all the knowledge that they can give us, and how we can use that and the tools that we’re gonna be doing for the rest of our lives. Some people ask me when our judging season is? It’s kind of a whole, all year around thing. Most of the weekends we’ll work out and we’ll go to places around the Midwest. Typically to like Oklahoma or Texas and we’ll work out on cattle, pigs, hogs and goats. And then during the week every Tuesday and Thursday we’ll do reasons practice, which is basically a breakdown of the livestock and how we place the classes. One of the great things I think about livestock judging is the communication skills. So, I’m hoping that when I come and work this summer, that’s what I’m gonna bring to the table is my communication skills and be able to go and talk to the producers and the consumers and let them know about the ag industry as a whole. In the livestock judging world, I can go out and meet as many people as I want so those connections to go out and interview other producers that I’ve met through the judging world is just an awesome opportunity. I look forward to seeing you guys this summer on AGam in Kansas.

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