Tyson Foods’ Sustainable Food Production Program

(Jamie) Welcome to Farm Factor! Let’s join Kyle and Dr. Christine Daugherty at the Commodity Classic in New Orleans and learn about Tyson Foods’ Sustainable Food Program.
(Kyle)We are going to visit with Dr. Christine Daugherty. She is with Tyson Foods. Christine, tell me what you do with Tyson. (Christine) I head up our Sustainable Food Production Program. That program encompasses three facets. One-all of our animal well- being efforts across our four proteins: beef, chicken, pork and turkey. We also handle the sustainability efforts across the company, that’s our water management, greenhouse gas, energy. Then the third component is innovation. How do we look to new processes and procedures to help us become better in those two facets of animal well being and sustainability. (Kyle) I had the opportunity to hear you on a panel just a few minutes ago and talk about the confusion, if you will, among the consumer on labeling issues and just the clutter or noise in the industry. I heard you say that people need to find a trusted source. How would a consumer find a trusted source in their food that can address all the issues that might come up? (Christine) I don’t know that there would be a single source for all of the questions they may have, but some of the trusted sources that they want to find is an extension agent or a university. Someone who understands agriculture can help them decipher some of that information. A lot of times those agencies or entities will have great resources on their websites as well. We have a number of resources on our website that they can go to to look at how is the animal raised, what are some of the claims? And then the USDA also does a good job of explaining some of the same things such as natural, organic because as you heard from the panel, there are standards that need to be met before you can label, especially meat products, with these claims. (Kyle) I guess one point that I heard brought out in there too, probably the best place to study your food isn’t necessarily the labeling at the super market, you should probably study before that? (Christine)Yes, I think however you should really pick up a package, especially a meat package, look on the front and look on the back. There’s a lot of things that may be on the back of the package that will give you information, but really be an informed consumer and if you’re not sure, go to that website, go to that company who is producing that item and look to see what they say about it. They need to be truthful. We’re truthful in our labeling and we disclose all the information there. (Kyle) We are visiting with Christine Daugherty. She is with Tyson Foods. This is Kyle Bauer reporting from New Orleans.
(Jamie) Folks, stay with us after the break – Kyle will be back with Carolyn O’Neil, Registered Dietitian, Cookbook Author and Food and Travel Journalist.

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