Upcoming Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo

(Darren Dale) My name is Darren Dale and this will be the sixth year for the Great Event, the Farm & Ranch Expo. It’ll be here before we know it. Its on April 5th, 6th and 7th. It’s extremely humbling to see it grows and continues to grow every year. In 2016 was the largest show we had with 700 vendors, covered 80 acres. So it’s a fun atmosphere for people to come out and take in the show. If you have a product or service, we would sure like to have your business come display that and represent that. I always want to thank the veterans. In this great country that we live in, I couldn’t be an entrepreneur and do what I do if it wasn’t for the great servicemen and women that made this the greatest country in the world, made us free and have the liberty to do what we want. Go to the website starexpos.net and look for more details on the Farm Show coming. We do have a Farm Show in Wichita Falls that’s going to be on March 8th and 9th. That’s the business my wife and I are in. We own three Ag Trade Shows and it’s extremely fun to see people do good and see the success of Agriculture. It’s a little challenging right now but I always tell everybody, “We’re not in the pizza business, we’re in the agriculture business and we’re here for a long time.” This is a buyer’s market, and so if you’re out there and you want to continue your program with the farmer and rancher, this is a good time to buy some more cows and cheapen up those bred heifers that you bought a few years ago for $3,500. Take advantage of that opportunity and mark your dates for Great Bend. Come on now, we have shuttle rides around the whole thing, free admission, free parking. If you’re handicapped, go on the website, call my cell phone, we’ll come pick you up and we’ll get you around. So make plans to take it in. We’ve got some great corporate sponsors, Great Bend COOP has been with us all six years and they’re in multiple locations with everything from livestock equipment to seed and feed and fertilizer. And the American Hat Company, at Bowie, Texas, make the best felt and straw hats in the world, they’re made in America by Americans. So please go to the website. We’d love to have you guys come to the Farm and Ranch Expo in Wichita Falls in March, and Great Bend Kansas in April. This year we’ve got JD Wing; he’s our professional horse trainer. He’s from the T-Cross Ranch in Colorado Springs, one of the oldest ranches in the US. He does a fabulous job; he came to McCook and he does everything from colt starting, but sometimes with your finished horses there’s a few things you can do to help them load easier, unload and JD does a fabulous job. So you want to come and take advantage of seeing him at the Farm Show this year. We got a lot of exciting stuff. Just go to the website and we would appreciate seeing you in Great Bend in April.

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