Update From the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo

(Darren Dale) I just want to thank everyone for coming out to the 2017 Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. It’s a tremendous success. Wednesday, we had great crowds. Thursday were record crowds. The weather was absolutely fabulous and the show turned out great. Friday, we had big crowds. The vendors were very, very pleased with the quality of attendees. And this is a major undertaking and the only way we can pull it off is with the producer support. The city is unbelievable. The chamber helps. Everyone just kind of steps up and, in my mind, its people helping people. And in agriculture, this is our opportunity to give back to the farmers and ranchers and put on a quality show for quality people. Because they work 365 days of the year feeding their cattle, feeding their livestock, nurturing them, and the farmers — we all know that it’s a challenge right now with commodity prices, but there’s one thing about farmers and ranchers, they’re the most resilient people in the world. They never quit and they work extremely hard, and I just want to thank them. And I always want to give a shout out to our veterans. Myself as an entrepreneur, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing if our veterans hadn’t made all those sacrifices for us. I just want to thank the veterans and the farmers and ranchers for everything they do. (JD Wing) Hi, I’m JD Wing with Tee Cross Ranches. We’re based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We raise quarter horses, commercial herd, and run yearling cattle. We’re out here trying to make a new breed of quarter horse, highly athletic, very docile, easily trainable, and still good looking. Darren Dale asked me to come out to the Great Bend to do some demonstrations on training and what not. I have a three-year-old with me. It’s been a great deal. We’ve got a great turnout with the training. If you’re interested in anything, any kind of horses, have any questions, we’re on Facebook, Instagram, and our website url is teecrossranches.com. I also have my personal page, which is Flying W Horses. Feel free to reach out to us. Any questions, concerns. If you’re looking for a new horse, looking to breed your own horse with three great stallions, feel free to reach out to us. Thank you. (Dale Brisby) Howdy, my name is Dale Brisby. I’m sure you’ve heard of me. And if you haven’t, I am humbly the most legendary bull rider you’ve ever met, humbly. I’m here at the farm show in Great Bend. We’ve had a great time. They having me out, I’m going to do a little standup, just kind of talk about myself because I tell it like it is. I’m so honest you can shoot dice with me over the phone, okay? And they brought me in, to kind of lighten up the mood because laughter is the best medicine unless you’re treating diarrhea. Of course, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, YouTube, all those things. I love the AG industry and we’ve got Taos showing us how to dab. Do it one time. Bam, one time. He actually invented the dab, I think at first he was just sneezing but we thought it was a dance move. Anyway, mainstream caught on to it. And we did in the AG industry as well, which is growing because of things like the Great Bend Farm Show. So thank you all for coming out. Thank you for coming out and catching us here and we look forward to next year already. Pow pow and on to the next one. (Darren) And we’re making plans for next year, the show was ultimate success. And watch the website starexpos.net. I always want to thank American Hat Company out of Bowie, Texas; makes the best felt and straw hats. The Great Bend Coop as a corporate sponsor. So patronize their locations and make plans to see us again. And thank you AGam for being here at the show you’ve been here for six years and appreciate everything that you do for myself personally and for the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo.

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